Monday, October 10, 2005

The Little Black Book

Packing your house to move is a full time job. I have a system to my madness, but my husband doesn't. He goes into a room and starts throwing things into a box. I like to sort, purge, and then pack the box. My husband is a pack rat. He is in full denial though. Yesterday as I was beginning to go throw his "closet" he came running upstairs.
"I don't want you throwin' anything out!" he lectured like only Scott (or other members of his family) can.
"Scott, when are you going to wear this?" I asked. I held up the UGLIEST hippiest-looking patched up shirt kind of thing!! (At one time there were matching pants that I long since chucked out!!)
"I got it made in Turkey..."he frowned, "but I guess I haven't worn it in a couple of years. Okay throw it out!" Couple of years. I have been with Scott since the beginning of time and I have never seen him wear that thing. In fact, I should have had him put it on to see how "great" he looked in it! Needless to say, I threw it out.
I started throwing out paper beer coasters that he had collected through his travels.
"You are not throwing those out!!" he demanded.
"Why?" I asked.
"I might use them for something!" he answered.
Over my dead body is he displaying paper coasters!!! I relented and stuck them in the keep pile. We ended up going through the whole closet and not getting rid of anything really. We did manage to pack it up so at least we accomplished something. I came across an old "black book" of his.
"Hmm...Scott what about this?" I teased.
"Oh yeah, I think you could throw that out. I won't be needing it!" he answered.
Oh how kind of you hunny dear. We've only been married 7 years and you're throwing it out now. At least he won't be needing it though!
But back to my original point. Packing is a pain in the butt!! I spent all evening in the basement trying to get it sorted and organized. I managed to make a good start on it. I swear we own a sports store. We have 8 bikes, bike accessories (pumps, tools, etc.), two snowboards, 3 pair of snowboard boots, 2 pair of skis, 3 pair of ski boots, ski poles, soccer balls, a football, 3 kites, 4 pair of soccer shoes, snowshoes, a toboggan, fishing crap galore (5 rods, waders, tackle), 4 sets of life jackets, a tennis racket(?), 2 raquetball rackets, and a whole selection of tools. AAAAH!!!! All of this is stored in a little, tiny room. Oh what fun we will have in packing....
Besides packing I have another test coming up next Monday. I also am trying to fit in aerobics, and my working out on the elliptical. I cannot wait until we are moved into the new house. Although once we are moved in we have to paint and decorate. I am looking forward to the decorating part.
Anyways nothing else in new with me. The next 19 days will probably go by quickly...I hope so anyhow.
Enjoy your day!

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