Sunday, October 09, 2005


Did anyone watch Oprah last week when Faith Hill was on? Her new song "Fireflies" was written by a stay at home mother of 5 who wrote songs as a hobby. The song "Fireflies" is about her not forgetting to hope and dream. She married as a young teenager and whenever she sang the song she remembered the reasons for writing the song. It was very motivating. It was beautiful to see a woman who had faith,hope and a dream. Her dream was fulfilled when Faith Hill recorded not one, but 3 of her songs!!!
The words of the song are simple, but beautiful. I am listening to it now. Maybe someday I will get an Oscar for "Best Original Screenplay" or win the "Giller Award". It is nice to dream and hope. So for all of you with big dreams, don't let the fireflies burn out!!
Life works its magic in mysterious ways!!
Keep dreaming!

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