Friday, May 06, 2005

Terrible Twos

I drove some of Josey's kindergarten class to the public library for a field trip. Everyone was excited about visiting the library, including Gavin, the youngest member of the entourage. The class was treated to a puppet show. Within a couple of moments Gavin and I were asked to leave to the children's area, "because he was disrupting the children!". We left, but my 2 year old wasn't amused. Within 10 minutes the class had joined us in the children's area and had begun to "choo-choo" as a train throughout the tour of the public library. Gavin was excited. We began to follow the class, but once again his overzealousness had been noticed.
"There is a wonderful park in the back of the library that I am sure your son would love!" the librarian suggested.
"Are you kicking us out?" I asked with a laugh.
"Yes!" she curtly answered.
"Oh!" I responded. So off we went to find the park. In the meantime Gavin was not at all impressed with being booted out of the library. He went into a full-blown tantrum. Lucky me! I spent the next 20 minutes trying to calm him down, while strangers gave me the "raised eye and shaking head" response. What to do? Nothing. I smiled at every "raised eye and shaking head" response and said, "gotta love 2 year olds!" Well, you gotta love 2 year olds! (the majority of time anyways.)
I was startled when watching a news report from the state of Washington the other day. Not one, but 2 seperated incidents within the last 3 weeks had been discovered where the children had been bound by duct tape and zip ties!! Apparently the children were being punished. I cannot believe people these days. There are so many couples that are desperate to be parents and some parents don't realize the treasures their children are. That behaviour is disgusting!! Anyways, sorry for ranting. Even with my 2 year old's tantrums I have never thought of duct taping or zip tying him! (Honestly!)
Scott came home from work tonight and seemed a little shock. (not because the house was tidy!)
"Guess what we hit!" he announced.
"Oh no...a moose!" I answered.
"Nope...a grey owl. The owl swooped into the passenger side of the vehicle. Man, I just about crapped myself!" he said.
No kidding. I looked for the remains on the way to the gym that night, but couldn't see any. Today Shari was telling me (I hadn't shared my owl news with her yet) that it was bad luck to SEE an owl in the native culture.
"Bad luck, really?" I asked.
"Yep, it means someone will die!" she explained.
"Oh my god! What does it mean if you hit and kill an owl?" I desperately asked.
"I can't imagine anything good!" she answered. So now I am paranoid about the owl incident. I know I shouldn't be, but I am!
This morning I awoke at 5 am to an eerie sound of silence. My motherly instincts took over and I found myself in Gavin's bedroom. But he wasn't there...Quickly I ran downstairs and into the backyard. I found Gavin, clad only in a diaper and bare feet, running around the backyard, shouting, "mommy side, mommy side!" The scary thing is the door was locked,but he knows how to unlock doors. Now we need to find something that is "Gavin-proof". Aren't mother's instincts weird? How did I know to wake up and look in his bedroom?
Anyhow nothing is new or exciting with us these days. Same old stuff...
I leave you with this thought for the day:
"It takes a village to raise a child."-African proverb.
Okay village calling on you for some help!
Enjoy your day!


Nancy said...

Jenny. Keep an eye on that boy! Gavin sounds like he will be giving you a run for your money!
Mother's instincts are very strong and normally right on! I know this from experience.
Maybe a bell on the door? Vaseline on the door handles? Good luck with that.

Your story was funny. My brother's kids and my kids were all in a restaurant once and we got shown the door as well! We couldn't believe it. We called ahead and asked if kids were welcome and the voice on the phone said, "Oh, yes, we love kids!"

I have learned to ignore kids while screaming, that aren't mine. I never hold a parent responsible either. I just tell my girls, look another kid that was told no! Usually is, at least in stores. It is better that they get told no now, then grow up into bratty adults! HA

Thanks for your comments on my blog. It was very sweet.
Nancy Epstein

Hick said...

Your husband didn't hit the bird, the bird hit bad luck.

I have a "Gavin" also. When he was about 2 he learned how to open doors with locks and out he strolled...down the the himself. Yipes! I had to learn real quick how to keep him from going on trips by himself.

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