Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Words from Ross

It has been a quiet few days. Nothing new or out of the ordinary to report on. I did get an interesting phone call from Kelly (Stephen's mother aka the "S" lady) the other day. She was complaining( a common occurrence) about her hardships and the difficulty her and her husband were having in finding decent affordable housing. Frustrated, she phoned me up and proceeded to tell me that "the only people that get ahead are the status indians in this area. They get everything handed to them on a silver platter!".
"Really, "I replied, chomping at the bit, "did you know that I'm a Status Indian?"
"You.." she gasped, "really?"
"You betcha and I couldn't be happier...and just so you know I haven't had everything handed to me on a silver platter! My husband and I work hard for what we have!" I haven't received a phone call from her since...and I couldn't be happier!!
This phone call made me think about how racist people are. When I was 5 and getting ready for my big day at school, my dad took me aside to give me some fatherly advice. I still remember the advice like it was yesterday: "Jenny, you're mom's an Indian and if anyone bugs you about it tell me and I'll deal with them!". From the sterness in his voice I figured that being an "Indian" wasn't so good! It actually sounded pretty scary. It took many years to be comfortable and more importantly, proud of who I was. I do not like labels;therefore, I consider myself to be "Canadian" (eventhough a card in my wallet identifies me as a Status Indian). I don't know why I am uncomfortable with labels. Partly, I believe that people tend to forget the Czech heritage that I also come from. I really do think there is too much importance put on race. As my dad always said, "makes no difference what colour you are, you're blood's still red and you still shit the same as the next!" Isn't my father eloquent?
Anyways, on to a lighter topic...the weather! It is Wet, Wet, Wet, today!! Typical Terrace spring weather! The boys have begun to catch the bus to school in the morning, but today it was way too wet for them to wait at the bus stop, so I drove them. Along the way Josey identified different signs. Since working with him on his letters he has come a long way! I am very happy!
Jonas and I are going to Vancouver, May 25th, for a couple of days so he can see his specialist. I sometimes forget about his condition, because it isn't debilitating, or noticeable. We have noticed his shoulder bones are visibly placed different, and we were warned that he may have problems with his shoulders. We are meeting with Dr. Vechere, and an orthopaedic surgeon, so I hope that everything goes well! It'll be nice to get away and do a little shopping. It is too bad that Scott can't come, but he can't get anytime off until after October! He will have a better appreciation of me after "parenting" Gavin for those couple of days!
The boys are all doing great! They are looking forward to the weekend so they can go fishing with their dad. Good news! I am allowed to come along with them this weekend! I am quite excited. Hopefully I will catch a big one! (The only thing I'll probably catch is a Cold!)
Scott is working overtime today. As noted in a previous blog, he has begun his quest for the best bike! They all look the same to me. Personally, I love those bikes that look old-fashioned, have a big wide seat (for my big fat ass) and a wicker basket attached to the handlebars. Those bikes are cool! I can just picture myself, riding down the street with a pretty dress and a oversized straw hat! Not quite what Scott would have me ride!
Did anyone watch the sitcom "Fat Actress" with Kirstie Alley? That show was a riot! I definately recommend people watching that show. Entertaining and funny!! I told Scott, after we had watched it, I should do the show "Fat Housewife". (Hopefully in the next few months my sitcom would be titled "Used to be Fat-Housewife")
Anyways I must go and have a cup of tea. This morning our pilot light went out, and it took me forever to figure out how and where to light it. Finally I got it going (after looking at a picture online) and the house is beginning to warm up!
Here is a thought for the day:
"...you're blood's still red and you still shit the same as the next!"-Ross Slezak
Enjoy your day!

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