Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hold the Lettuce Please!

I went to the school to pick Josey up from kindergarten yesterday. While waiting in the mudroom Seamus and Mrs. Hendry came storming in. Seamus was frantic and in tears.
It is amazing how many scenarios can come racing through your mind in 10 seconds: 1) Seamus was bullied. 2) Seamus was ill (he didn't look very well!) and 3) The class had watched "The Brothers" or a show similar in its theme (mother lion gets killed).
"Well, "Mrs Hendry explained, "we have a problem!"
"What's wrong Shay?" I questioned.
"Mommy," he gasped and sputtered with big crocodile tears streaming down his crimson face, "I don't like my sandwich!"
"You've got to be joking!" I thought to myself...but sure enough he didn't like the lettuce on his bologna sandwich. I quickly went to the corner store and brought him a replacement. Later that afternoon Scott and I explained that making a scene wasn't an appropriate way to handle that or most situations! At which point Shay started to cry. Oh my sweet, sensitive boy!
Meanwhile, Jonas had witnessed the latter part of the sandwich situation. On the way to the van, he asked if he could try a bite out of the sandwich. I gave him "the sandwich" thinking maybe the lettuce was wilted and had, in fact, affected the taste. Jonas took a big bite, smiled and said, "I don't know what the big deal was about this sandwich. It is REAL good!". With that he finished it up on the way home!
Jonas' favourite saying this week is "I solemny swear I am up to No good!". He has a way of answering most questions with this phrase. For example, "Jonas you're going to miss the bus!"
Jonas will reply, "I solemny swear I am up to no good!".
"Jonas, supper-time!" Jonas will reply, "I solemny swear I am up to no good!" It is cute,but it does wear out pretty thin! (thanks JK Rowlings).
Mrs. Vidal informed me yesterday that Jonas was "somewhat of a class clown!" Apparently he spent all of snack time with a banana peel on his head! Oh, I solemny swear he's up to no good!
We went for a walk through Ferry Island yesterday afternoon. The boys enjoy spending time on walks thru the woods. They pretend they are one of the nine Fellowship of the Ring. Jonas always plays Aragorn, Seamus plays as Legolas, Scott as Gandalf, Gavin as Frodo, and I get to be Arwen. I told them yesterday that perhaps I could be "Fatty Lumpkin", but Scott informed me that Fatty was a horse. Jonas then quipped, "Mommy you're not fat, you're beau-tiful!" Gotta love my boys!
It is a brisk day today! The forecast calls for showers! So by the end of the day it will probably be Wet, Wet!
Nothing new is planned on the agenda for today! It is my lower body workout day, so I will do that when Gavin is down for his afternoon nap! Last week I attempted to work out with Gavin in the basement and it was a fiasco. He imitated every exercise I did, and would burst out into hysterical laughter with every squat and lunge that I attempted. Needless to say, I won't be working out with Gavy-Art anytime soon!
Here is a thought for the day!
"Catch the vigorous horse of your mind."-Zen saying
Enjoy your day!

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