Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Catch of the Day

The boys went on their fishing excursion yesterday afternoon. They were all stoked, especially Jonas who was getting a new fishing rod like his brother's. They were out on the river for about two casts when Shay got a bite. Scott is so proud in telling the story. He was helping Jonas master the cast when Shay yelled over to him, "daddy I've got one on!". Sure enough, the rod was just a flappin', but Shay had no problem reeling the fish in on his own! It was a beauty indeed, 2.5 pounds!
When Scott was killing it Jonas wanted desperately to take a try at the kill, "daddy," he pleaded," can I please Kill it?" With a couple of thunks the fish lay dead. Then it was time to gut the fish.
"Oh...gross!" Shay proclaimed, a boy from my own heart.
"!" smiled Jonas, "can I pop the eyeballs out!" (said with the Josey grin and eagerness all of his own!)
The fish was proudly displayed in the kitchen sink amongst a sink full of water. Gavin was equally amused. When 5 o'clock came around I decided it was time to prepare the Dolly for the trip to the oven. Seamus came upstairs and wasn't too keen with the thought of actually "Eating" his catch. "It'll be tasty!" I reasssured him. He gave me the "Oh I am sure it will" look!
A couple of moments later Gavin came into the kitchen to take a look at the fish, but alas, there wasn't any. "Shish no!" he stammered to me.
"The fish is in the oven!" I pointed to him. The look on his face was priceless, his pupils were dilated, and his mouth was hanging open in shock!! Needless to say, our family enjoyed our trout dinner, courtesy of our Seamus!
It was our usual busy, but uneventful week. We bought the boys the newly released DVD "Bambi". Previously this week Jonas had announced to us that Bambi was coming "outta the vault". He wondered where the vault was hidden? When it was time to watch Bambi, Scott dutifully warned Shay that Bambi's mother died in the movie. Seamus started to cry and stomped out of the room, and Josey said "he's a little sensitive!" (within a few minutes the commotion was forgotten and the movie was in high gear)
We are not doing too much this afternoon. It is Wet, Wet, Wet!!! A downpour is happening at this very moment. We have lots of chores to do around the house so today is the perfect opportunity to get everything done. I created a chore list for the boys. At the end of the week if everything is done they will get $5 each. Jonas was so stoked with the thought of making his own money. The catch is if they don't do their chore I will deduct 50 cents off their allowance. Jonas was running around like a madman (or little Scott) the other afternoon trying to get his chores done. At the end of the afternoon he said to me, "it's all done Mommy, and you can't take a penny out of my allowance!" (Glad to see that the almighty dollar does create incentives!)
Anyways Scott is at work these next 3 days, so I will get the things completed on my "list" he left for the weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary...just the usual "Scott" list!(as I have previously stated, luckily he is so damn cute!). I will leave now to begin my day of household duties.
I leave you with a thought for the day:
"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought."-Basho
Have a great afternoon!

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