Tuesday, February 15, 2005

That's Amore

Our plans for an evening away from the children were put on hold for another time. Well, if you can't go out for a romantic dinner, than the romantic dinner will have to be at home. And so it was...
The boys were excited that mommy and daddy were having a dinner date. That afternoon I gave Scott an invitation that read:" You're Invited to Chez Damstrom. Time: 7:30 pm with dinner and dessert to follow." I had everything organized. The music was carefully selected off the computer. One and a half hours of pure,cheesy love songs. The kind of music that Scott really enjoys! (not) I had the lasagna cooked and was waiting for the garlic bread to bake. (10 minutes beforehand I was running around like a mad woman trying to get ready for my date). As I was pulling the garlic bread out of the oven the doorbell began to ring and someone was knocking at the door...
"What the hell, "I exclaimed, "they (mom and dad) know that we're having dinner!"
"I'll just ignore it, " I thought to myself.
Knock, knock, knock...
Pretending not to hear I scurried around the kitchen muttering unmentionables to myself.
The knocks persisted and became frantic! I didn't want to go to the door. Firstly, I didn't want to have company, but more importantly, I was dressed to the nines and felt a little embarassed that I was so dressed up for dinner at my own home.
Reluctantly I opened the door, and there was...Scott!! He was dressed up in his suit and said, "I'm here for dinner!" (eat your hearts out women), but then quickly added, "I've been out here for 10 minutes and I think I am going to catch pneumonia!" (Sorry babe!)
We sat down to a beautifully set table with lit candles and an arrangement of fresh tulips. Barry White was serenading us with "Let's Get It On.." I looked over in the corner of the dining room and there was Gavin perched quietly in his high chair. He wanted food. Oh well! We enjoyed ourselves amongst the cries, screams and pitter patter of little feet. At one point Gavin was shrieking (like only Gavin can) and Scott and I looked at each other and Scott laughed, "Pure romance Baby!" After dinner we even had a couple of dances in our living room.
"This is the best dance floor heh Jen, "Scott whispered.
"You betcha, " I added. Overall this was the best Valentines Day I have had. It would have been nice to not have the interruptions of crying children, or not to have the diaper snagged on the hem of my skirt ( I was trying to look pretty and Scott had to point out to me that a diaper was dragging behind me: a little embarassing to say the least!) but the romantic part about last night was that Scott and I didn't have to try and have romance. Even with a runny nose that had besieged my husband (from standing in the cold) and amidst the chaos of 3 rambunctious boys all it took for romance was the two of us in our own surroundings. Isn't love grand? That's Amore!!
Today was a beautiful spring like day, but oh so cold. How cold? Toque and glove worthy cold.
I spent the morning with Jonas at the school for a Literacy workshop. It was fun and the school had a great turnout. Jonas is improving greatly with his letters. Mrs. Vidal commented that she was very impressed with his progress!
Gavin has added two more words to his vocabulary: Fowar (flower) and Babary(strawberry). It sounds so cute when he says the words!!
Seamus friend Sidney (from Saskatoon) made him a special Valentines picture. On the front she(drew herself as a blonde billowy Woman) and Seamus (drawn as a man resembling Popeye) are holding hands. On the back she wrote: Happy Valentines Day Seamus. You are my Best Friend Well One of them! I thought that was the cutest sentiment I have heard in awhile.
Jonas just asked me, "Mommy do you know what day it is?"
"Tuesday, "I answered.
"No, Toonie Tuesday, "he smiled. Now if that wasn't a hint for what he would like for supper.
I will leave now and take the boys for a good homecooked meal of KFC. Oh well, it saves me from making supper.(Scott isn't home until seven)
I leave you with a quote for the day:
"Love is the only flower that grows and blooms without the aid of seasons."-Kahil Gibran
Enjoy your day!

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