Saturday, February 19, 2005

Advice from Aristotle

Kids are awesome! Jonas and Seamus came home from Stephen's house this afternoon and Seamus proclaimed, "Stephen was choking Jonas today!"
"What?" I replied a little taken back.
"Yeah, "Seamus proceeded to tell me, "he had him in a choker hold and his mommy had to take him off Jose!"
"Are you okay? Why did he start to choke him?" I questioned.
"We wouldn't go up and play in his room!" Shay answered.
"Well you don't have to play with him if you don't want!" I responded.
"That's okay mommy. Stephen was just having a BAD day!" Josey replied. A bad day! Aren't kids something. If someone put me in a choker hold I certainly wouldn't want to hang out with them the next day...
Last night I had a major crisis! i.e. Wrinkles! I was plucking my eyebrows (go figure!) when I noticed that my cheek had major pruning action happening!
"Oh my God!!" I exclaimed a little teary-eyed, "I look like I am 107!"
I spent the evening moisturizing and I figured that I needed a good toner (or facelift). This afternoon I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and spent a mini fortune (can you say Visa) on toners, moisturizers and a good wrinkle cream. I am excited tonight for when the kids go to bed I will get my Anti-Wrinkle fight into action. I told Scott that if wrinkles start to come out in droves I am going to get Botox! He says that Botox makes you look unnatural, but I don't see anything wrong with the odd shot of it! (All in the name of beauty!)
Seamus has a birthday party tomorrow afternoon from 1pm-6pm. They are going swimming and going for pizza afterwards. I was having a panic attack yesterday and today, because he has never gone swimming without me or Scott. I phoned Adrian's mom and expressed my concerns, and she says she will be in the pool with the boys. I feel a little better, but I might end up going to the swimming pool just to watch. I believe it is better to be safe than sorry!
It was another beautiful day today. Very spring-like indeed! And on the topic of weather...someone screwed up with the phone number for the Road Conditions. Whoever published our phone books erroneously published a 1-800 number for a sex line. There was an article about the mistake in the Province. It was hilarious! I gave the number to my parents to get them to call. My mom phoned back within 10 minutes and said that Dad was completely enthralled (Oh gross!!) with the message and wouldn't let her listen in. She pressed redial and nervously listened.
"I had to hang up, "Mom explained, "when the voice started to say 'put it in...' and that was more than I wanted to hear, unlike Dad!" Oh typical Ross!
When I was at Walmart this afternoon I saw a classmate (Mya) of Jonas'. "That is Jonas' mommy, "she explained to her daddy. "And Jonas has a big brother and a baby brother...His mommy is always in our classroom helping out. " At this point the father looked a little bored but Mya kept on talking, "And his daddy works sometimes days and sometimes nights at Alcan!"
I started to chuckle... Imagine what everyone knows about everyone else. Think of all the things we don't want our kids to share with others that are being shared!! Scary!!
Gavin has a nightime ritual of 'doing' the dishes after supper. (Pretty much a sink full of soapy water and a couple of cups!) The other night after I had drained the sink and had returned from his room with 'dry' jammies, I went into the kitchen and there was Gavin...he had taken off his diaper and was buck naked while mopping the floor. He wasn't just mopping, he was so mesmerised by the whole floor cleaning experience. Scott went and grabbed the camcorder and we watched and recorded for a "good" five minutes! Priceless!
Anyhow, the week was very busy for us. I was at the school a total of 3 days (2 in the classroom with Jose and 1 driving for Seamus' skating). I can't believe it is almost Sunday!! Isn't time flying by?
Scott is on nights tonight so we are going to my parents to hang out. When I get home I will start the battle of the wrinkles.
I leave you with this quote for the day:
The habits we form from childhood make all the difference."-Aristotle.
Oh crap! My boys are in trouble. One will be fine about getting strangled and the other will be mopping the floor naked! No hope in hell...
Enjoy your evening!

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