Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A radish diet?

I was getting groceries in Safeway the other day and after ringing through my 5 bunches of radishes the salesclerk asked me, "are you on a special radish diet?". "No" I replied, "my mother in law is visiting and has an addiction to radishes!"Wendy has now passed the addiction on to Gavin. Throughout the house one can now find pickle and radish carcasses scattered everywhere.
I heard an interesting notion today. Certainly not a new idea, but it made me think about life. If you had 24 hours before you died, what would your regrets in life be? I thought about this carefully and have come up with this list.
1. Not following my dream to write a screenplay.
2. I cannot think of anything else that I have regretted not doing or doing.
I know that my life has been a series of unplanned events, but I am at a point in my life where I am surrounded by love and laughter. Surely I would love to win the million dollar lottery, or lose 60 pounds, but we can't get back the moments that we are in..the laughter of our children, the chaos of a family looking for order,or the sweet kiss of a husband, who after more than a decade, still looks at his wife like he is giving her his first kiss. That is life and I don't have regrets.
I worked in Jonas' classroom today and made french toast for the snack. "Mrs. Damstrom," yelled one student (I found myself looking over my shoulder until I realised I was 'Mrs. Damstrom') "You make the most best french toast ever". Proudly I gave him a big smile. Now that's an accomplishment in life.
Anyways it is Wet today. Not too wet, but not too dry. Wendy leaves us tomorrow and we are all sad that she is going. We haven't done anything of excitement with her, but she fits in our lives like a piece to a puzzle. It is never strange or awkward, just comfortable...We wish we could see her more!
I must go now and venture to (where else) Walmart!! I will leave you with a quote for the afternoon to muse over:
"Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with truth."-Thich Nhat Hanh
Enjoy your day!

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