Sunday, January 23, 2005

Honey Don't

It's 9:50 pm and I still have a few things to do on my list. I was panic stricken moments ago. "I'll just tell Scott, " I thought to myself, "That Gypsy ate "the List"!". What am I thinking? I am a grown woman, not a child afraid of telling the truth to the teacher. Or am I? Am I afraid to tell Scott instead of doing "the list" that I played on the computer, talked on the phone, and watched "Finding Neemo" with my boys. (I did manage to do 3 loads of laundry, scrub the bathroom and feed and bathe the boys...). Oh well, and then I thought of this wonderful invention...
(drum roll please!)... The Honey Don't List...
For all those whose spouses leave those infamous "to do" lists this list will be left waiting for them. The "Honey Don't List": Honey don't leave me a list with unrealistic expectations. If something is left undone it is not the end of the world. Or better yet, if it's that important to you, perhaps do it yourself. Imagine the response that would get in my household. I think I am dreaming...
I'll continue to finish what's left on "the List".
On a lighter note: Gavin learned a new word "gross". He summoned me up the stairs, pointed to his diaper and said "Ugh, Gro!"
Good night!

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