Monday, April 25, 2011


Seven more Days!!! Woo-hoo!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend! I had to work Saturday and Sunday, but had a great day today with my family. It's special days like this that makes one grateful for what they have. We are so blessed. Our children are fantastic, my husband is the best man I've met. Not only is he friggen hot(because that does is funny, loving, loyal and my best friend. He stands beside me through all the crap I have to deal with at times and he gets me through those times. I'm a lucky girl. I also have a fantastic family that loves me for who I am. I don't have to put up with any unnecessary bullshit from people. I swear some people like to try and drum up trouble and issues. This shows their own insecurities. We quite enjoy not having to deal with the crap.

For Mother's Day my hubby made me the most beautiful book full of all of photos of me growing up. He painstakingly used his editing software to fix the photos. It is beautiful. I'll share the link in the next few days. It's nice that I have a special book to house all of the special of my dad. I sure miss my dad. He also found some video of him and it brought some tears to our eyes. What a great man he was. I know that he's proud of me and our family. I thought about him this weekend and wondered how he felt when he met Jesus. Did he cry? Did he try to voice an opinion about the inadequacies of Heaven?? lol Whatever his reaction was I know that he is in good hands.

This week is going to be a busy week for me. I have 1 day off before going to Vancouver, then Vegas....eeeek. I have a lot to do. When we get back we are in semi-reno mode. I'll share some paint swatch colours in the next couple of weeks. Woo-hoo....I love painting and decorating. We have started weeding our garden, got all the leaves burned and are getting our deck/yard ready for summer. The thing that sucks about having an acre of land is the work that goes along with it. Oh well...I should not complain. We are very fortunate to have the house and property we do. (and it is only an acre...cannot imagine the work involved with lots of land)

Blog wise, I think it's time for a change. I'm going to try Wordpress. I have all of my old bloggy contacts, so when I switch over I'll contact everyone with my new address. Change is always good!

Hope everyone is fantastic. Remember to love the life you are living....we only get one shot at it on Earth...make the moments matter!




rox said...

Make sure you eat at the Hard Rock Cafe...try the Anti-Cobb Salad! I loved it!

Vegas will be lovely! You guys deserve a break, you've had a long go of things. Wear sunscreen and bring good walking shoes (and maybe some A535! lol)

Cheryl said...

OH, this post brought tears to my eyes.
I am going to switch over to Word Press too - just haven't got my s*&t together to do it.
I hope you have a great time in Viva!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you and I'm so happy that you're happy! Last year was hard...but look at us now! I've tried to comment on here as of late but with Google account and such its messed up my whole blogging account and won't let me in...or atleast that is how it seems.

I hope you have an amazing time in Vegas...remember to buy me something pretty! Haha! Seriously though, take some time...just you and Scott by yourselves to just enjoy one anothers company (and NO, I don't mean THAT Lol!)

I wish I could see you and hug you...but that'll have to wait...hopefully in September!

Love you,

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