Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nurse Jenny

...has a nice ring, if I don't say so myself!
I have wanted to be a nurse for so many years and I no longer am the student nurse. I still have one more national test to do,but technically speaking, I could practise under an interim license.
Today was a melancholy day for me. I'm not sure why. I spent this past year not having much time to do anything for myself and always planning for the next day. Those days are gone. Alot of my thoughts revolved around the realization that I did, in fact, go for my dream. This makes me kind of teary eyed. Not that I went for my dream but the fact that my dad dying was the real kick in my ass that I needed to go and get to my goal. After his death I realized I couldn't wait for tomorrows, because as the ol' Garth Brooke song goes, "if tomorrow never comes...".
I did tell Scott that I was slightly disappointed(and only slightly..hehe) that there were no trumpets blaring or champagne popping, but he reminded me that the night of January 12th will be of the full fanfare(when me and my fellow gals have finished writing the nationals!). Tomorrow night we are having a quiet celebration, Scott, my mom, the boys and a couple of bottles of our favourite wine(not sure what they are having...haha)...okay maybe not so quiet!!!
So on to my next goal. It's a doozey folks. I know that I can accomplish most anything that I put my mind to and this next one is going to take some extreme effort.
After a year of the widening of the hips and girth of the gut, I am going to do the "Fit by 40". This time I am making it work. Why is it different this time?? Because I believe in myself and know that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.
This past year was not only about finishing school. It was learning about myself. It was finding out what an amazing group of people I have supporting me. I am blessed with a husband that is loyal, loving, devoted and just plain amazing.(today he is...tomorrow I might be having a major hate on for him...hehe) My children are very adaptable to change. My mom, mother in law and inlaws all went out of there way to help our family out. My friends are fantastic. Not only are they understanding that I basically have had little or nothing to do with them for a year, but they have still encouraged me and listened to me over they phone when I needed to vent or cry. My friend Tanya and I learned so much about each other over this past year. We reconnected and regained a strong and true friendship that will continue to grow and flourish( that might have something to do with giggle fits and incessant chatter over shit, body parts and perhaps the odd dementia patient.) I learned that I am worthy. There were many tears shed, many power prayer sessions that I held in the shower(and truly every time I shower I do say "Thank You Jesus for this hot water and begin my ramble)and many moments of frustration. But with these moments came moments of accomplishment, not only for me but for my family. For example, watching my children became quite eager to make lunches, sweep the floor and make sure the kitchen was tidy, so mommy didn't have to worry about that. Tonight I cried when Gavin came to me and said, " it's true right?? You are a nurse?? Wow...I guess I really feel safe knowing that I have a nurse as a mom to look over me when I am sick!"
But really all I wanted to say was
Remember people..."to infinity and beyond reach for the stars!"


Jadekitty said...

Congrats!!! So exciting :)

food-lover-mama said...

I guess he never realized that being a Mama is near the line to nursehood LOL...including the sh@t and the odd dementia patient ( admittedly that would be me) but CONGRATS to you. I have to admit, getting very misty eyed at reading it. Your Dad is super proud and I'm pretty sure he's happy you finally got the kick in the ass, he got it to you one way or another. You are going to be amazing, God heals many ways and may His healing hands be upon you as you help heal others. Just be you, really is all I can say. Don't be the job, don't treat patients as just another name on a chart. That is what stayed with us and helped us the most as we went through 9 months of being in hosp. with Dad that someone treated him like a person, like he had feelings, who held his hand and just listened to him and us. Wow there I go sorry about that.
Anyways, congrats again, God bless. And if ya'll ever want to move here....hahahahaha :)

Jenny said...

Heather, I met a man in the hospital last week...he was terminal and he just passed away, from Kitimat. He said to me, "Are you ross's daughter?"(as I was walking in the hallway, one of the union guys must have told him.) I said "yes" and he said, "I loved your dad. Enjoyed quite a few beer with him and it looks like me and him are going to be enjoying a few more from up above."(of course I started crying) Today I heard on the radio he passed away and I started crying thinking of the beer him and my dad could be sharing..."

Cheryl said...

So proud of you Jenny!! So proud. You have been very inspirational for me this year. I am so envious that you followed your dream and let it happen. I need to get there.
I too am on the fit track for this year. It needs to happen. You will do it. You're unstoppable now :)

Merry Christmas!!! C.

marla said...

"I know that I can accomplish most anything that I put my mind to.."

Good on you Jenny. Congratulations, and thank you for following your dream and being an inspiration to the rest of us.

rox said...

I'm so proud of you! The dedication you've shown and the support from your family is nothing short of amazing! You're an inspiration to all of us to chase after our dreams!

(Sorry to read about your dad's friend...)

food-lover-mama said...

I cried reading this and then again when I told my hubs. He got pretty misty too.
But it goes to show too how Ross connected with everyone and through him, everyone will always be connected to him. Sad about the man passing. So sad.
I'm finding it hard missing Dad right now, but I keep reminding myself that he would soooo not want me wallowing and he'd want me to make happy memories for the kids. He'd be doing a lot of ass-kicking right now. LOL
Lunar eclipse tonight

Tanya said...

Aww Jenny! I love you so much!

Almost every word here that you wrote I feel in some way shape or form too! We did it! We made it through twelve straight months of grueling nursing school! I am so happy that I had you to lean on and I'm glad that I could do the same for you! Partners in crime, shit, pee, puke, blood...forever!

It makes me sad that we can't continue to work side by side, but I can't wait to hear about your adventures in nursing and I can't wait to tell you about mine!

Love you to pieces my friend!

Anita said...

Dude, that is so friggen awesome!
Sooo happy for you and proud of you and all the good stuff that makes all the hard work worth the hard work.
You're gonna rock it out!

joni said...

Jenny... i am of course sooo happy for you..


time to uuuuupdate!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello there Nurse Jenny, OK so I know you are busy with the family and work.. but come on between you and Penny come on update your darn blogs would ya please.. we all miss you... isn't this winter just so much fun NOT haha.. come on SPRING lol, are you working in Terrace or Kitimat?? ttys Sue

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