Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

So Gavin pipes up in the van that his teacher," let them do something cool"...

"What did she let you guys do?" I asked.

"We got to mark our own math test!" He exclaimed.

"Really? That's great."I responded.

"And the great thing is mom....I really,REALLY, really wanted to cheat, but I decided that wasn't the best thing to do! Isn't that cool?" he smiled.

"It sure is" I answered laughing.

So I'm proud to say my boy has a conscience!!
Later on, on the way back from hockey we had the following conversation.
"Gavin, what do you want Santa to bring you this year? I asked.
"Umm...not sure....I have a few things on the list, I'm trying to narrow it down."he replied.
"Well...what's the top things on your list?" I asked.
"Hmm.....a cellphone." he responded nonchalantly.
"A cellphone. Umm...Santa is not going to bring a seven year old a cell phone!" I stammered. (long gone are the days of trucks and games)
"Why not?" he asked.
"Well it's just not the type of thing Santa or mommy would like you to have!" I answered.
"Besides mom, sooner or later the big guy is gonna have to start keeping up with the times!" he smiled.
"And where did you hear such a phrase as that?I asked trying not to laugh.
"I heard it on family channel!" he smirked.
And just for the record Santa will not be bringing this seven year old a cellphone.
Hope everyone is warm and happy tonight!


rox said...

A cell phone. Man, they're starting young now! LOL!

food-lover-mama said...

Wow a cell phone! Here I was telling my girls to not ask Santa for another Barbie because they have over 60. Guess I should pick my battles wisely. They don't ask for video games just every single Barbie that comes out...and of course somewhere for them to live in style and all the lovely fashion. Let me tell you, Barbie clothes are not what they once were. Not only quality but they really make them rather skanyish. Okay and link to my blog...hahahaha ummm how would I do that? I'm pretty techily challenged.

food-lover-mama said...
Not sure if this is right. I just copied and pasted. That much I know how to do. I'm a nerd.

Gwen said...


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