Monday, June 08, 2009

Like an Addict

My name is Jenny. It's been 4 days now and I'm addicted to sugar and caffeine. Specifically those disgustingly sweet tasting cold coffee creations from Tim Hortons.
It started off innocently enough. 4 days ago in the heat of the afternoon my hubby asked if I wouldn't mind picking him up one of "those ice coffee things" on my way home.
I've been off coffee for almost 2 years now. I've been off refined sugar 7 weeks now(give or take a day or 2...possibly 3).
Being such a dutiful wife, I was happy to oblige. However; the temptation was too much for me,that blissful hot sunny afternoon. I heard the car ahead of me bellow into the microphone..."2 iced caps..."
and, without thought or hesitation, I, too, followed suit.
Bravely I went home with both in hand. Along the way I took a deep breath and took my first sip. "Oh for the love of God...this is goooood."
Scott shook his head(and possibly his finger at me...and not..."the finger"...but a finger). "tsk tsk tsk...this isn't going to be good."he said disapprovingly.(while taking a few sips of his own)
Afterwards we both commented that while it is good to treat oneself once in awhile, it's good to set your limits and boundaries...
The next day...around the same time....a craving soon formed. Immediately I found myself taking the same drive...ordering the same concoction and enjoying the immediate satisfaction of coffee and pure sugar.
"It hardly has any grams of fat."I told Scott.
"Yeah that's what we're telling ourselves."Mr. Levelheadness replied. "This could become a problem for you Jen. No more ice caps for ice for a month or so."he stated."They sure do taste good."he added.
Which brings me to yesterday. Day 3. At exactly 3:25 pm I found myself out the door on the way to Tim Horton's. I was waivering. Surely I could just buy my hubby one, and forgo this temptation.
Sadly that wasn't the case. I bought 2. On the ride home I began to panic(while taking a few sips along the way)
"Scott is gonna nag me like there's no tomorrow on this one."I said to myself. "Whatever. I can handle it. I am a grown up. I can make my own choices. I'm gonna march right in there and drink it right in front of him" I said reassuringly as I drove into the drive way.
I opened the door and neatly tucked my ice cap on the window ledge and brought my hubby his in the living room.
Then I did what any smart minded, liberating woman would do. I grabbed my ice cap and stealthily made my way into the computer room.
Scott made some chit chat. I was too busy having some almost orgasmic pleasure from the pure sugar that I was barely responding to him.
"You don't feel like talking?"he asked, "that's not like you."
"Ahem..."I sighed.
And then the inevitable happened......
I slurped.
Quicker than a hounddog on a bloody cougar my husband jumped from his seat and ran to the computer room and caught me red handed in mid suck."
"I knew it.... I knew something was up!"he said.
I tried to reason,but couldn't.
So we're off of the ice caps. It'll be a tough one to break. Especially on those festering hot days when you notice everyone and their dog sipping up the sweet goodness.
I'll let you know how I fare.



Tanya said...

Hahaha! This was an awesome post! J and I are totally addicted to them too...and we're not even coffee drinkers!

I love the..."he shook a finger at me, but not the finger"...Lol!

They are a tough addiction to conquer that is a fact! Good luck!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh Jenny - you make me laugh. I totally get it though. It's good to treat ourselves - but it's hard to get out of the routine - that's for sure.

Good job staying off the refined sugar. That's what my mom did - that and only eating whole wheat - and she lost so much weight.

Good luck. Stay strong.

Jadekitty said...

I've weaned the hubby off to making them him self at home :) But now the new iced coffee's are out and he likes those too :)

Gwen said...

That d@%# slurp gives it away every time. Next time go "have a look at how the garden's doing." I snuck a huge spoonful of Nutella like that, just today.

Word verification: puckit -- almost exactly how you must have felt when you got busted.

Rox said...

I say have the Iced Cap, but have it with 2%...less calories. That's the part about the whole watching what you eat thing that sucks, bites, and blows. The beating oneself up part! It's okay to indulge yourself once in awhile. Make it a reward for hard work!

Ruth said...

Oh that dang sugar! It grabs us by the throat and makes us submit to its awesomeness!!! Good luck!

Nin said...

one thing I love about Womens Health mags, is they're always full of tips on turning "unhealthy" choices into heathy ones.....well, healhtier.
The thing about us women, or us humans I should say, is we need treats. Yes, in moderation, but we need treats. For those of us who think a treat is a big mac meal with extra sauce and large sized fries, as aposed to a small bowl of fat free frozen yogurt, we need to plan ahead and have a plan for times we DO make those silly choices. Fine, get a burger, indulge, just get it without mayo, skip the fries. Fine have pizza, blot off a crap load of grease with your napkin (or several) first. Sounds silly, but it makes a ton of difference.
A medium iced cap has 360 cals. A medium made with milk, drops it down to 220. Fat in the cream? 15 grams! Fat in the milk? TWO.
Of course cut that in haf again, if you only get a small.
We're all going to have our times, where we're slipping and feeling like poo for having no self control. Doesn't make us weak, it makes us human. We can still conquer, even in those times. Love you Jenny.

joni said...


too awesome.

made me laugh right out loud.

~Tara said...

Oh Jenny, I'm still laughing! What's making me laugh even harder, is the fact that I've totally been there! You're so comical! I love it!!

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