Wednesday, June 10, 2009


" ass a bad word?"my six year old asked me this afternoon.
"It certainly is!" I said.
"hmm..."he said with a serious look on his face."How 'bout cocksucker?"
"Ahhh..."I was speechless for a moment. "Yes!!! That is not a good word at all!! Please don't say any of those words!"
"I thought they weren't good. I heard daddy saying a few bad words in the shop yesterday but all I could make out was those 2 words."
"You promise me you won't say any of those words right?" I asked.
"Yeah I know. There's now a few of them I know that I'm not allowed to say. Maybe you should tell Daddy he isn't allowed to say them!"he said nonchalantly.
The kids on to something there!!
So I did tell my hubby about the conversation and he said, "I didn't think he could hear me. I think I banged my foot and spewed out a few 'not so good'words. I'll have to remember to shout quieter next time!"


joni said...


a quieter yell... bahahaha

Rox said...

"How 'bout cocksucker?"

OMG I PEED MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya said...

LMAO!!!! Oh my! Haha!

Shan said...

"Well, honey, it depends on the context."

Gwen said...

Shan I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing. Uncanny.

Jadekitty said...

Man down.. :) Little pictures with big ears.

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