Monday, April 06, 2009

What Will They Come Up With Next

I saw this on one of my fellow twitterers status and thought it deserved a post of its own. Click on the following link....I think this product deserves its own WTF Are They Thinking Title.
Do you agree??


Jenny said...

I just showed Scott the link and he said, "f#$%k, just roll up a towel and stick it between your'll save you some money!"

Charlene said...

All I can say is again, I thank God for small boobs!!! haha And this baby can only be used with a C cup size or larger is says... I am glad I don't have to debate if I need it! Thanks for sharing Jenny!!!

Tanya said...

Hahahahahaha...lolololololol!!!!! What an idiotic invention!!!

Gwen said...

Don't implants just sort of stick out, anyway? It's not like they actually flop around or anything. Hmm.

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joni said...

even if maybe it was an idea..
why wHy WhY would they make them plastic??
it would feel awful.. stuck together boobs??..really? i think that is just awful. yuk

*it was pretty funny to see the page open to it though..

"hunny look what i invented".. bahahah

Shan said...

Okay, I can see the use of it in certain circumstances. The nursing baby at night thing? AWESOME. But seriously, $55? that is just sick.

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