Sunday, April 05, 2009

A week of Firsts

As per the title, this week has been a week of firsts for our family.
~My oldest son turned 12. This amazing, beautiful, smart boy is growing up. I'm going to bring some pics over to my mom's house this week(unless Scott goes down to Staples and buys us a scanner) and scan some of his baby/toddler photos. Stay tuned...
~Shay had his first band performance in the REM theater. It was amazing. I couldn't believe these grade 6's actually could perform the way they did. I did recognize a couple of squeaks from the clarinet section and could almost guarantee the came from his!
~I didn't cry when watching the performance. That was a first.
~Jonas had his first shower tonight instead of a bath. He informed the other day he "was ready" to shower by himself,because the tub was getting a little crowded with him and his little brother!(I should state that he is a petite 9 year old!!LOL)
~Gavin had his first sleepover all by HIMSELF at his Grandma's. (with 3 boys there's generally a sibling that goes with) He was beyond thrilled. She told him he could pick out whatever he wanted for supper and for breakfast. He phoned us a few bazillion times, one of which to tell us he was having hotdogs for supper and pancakes with REAL maple syrup..."the good kind mom...Grandma says it costs 10 bucks!"
~Tonight was the first night in a long time that I didn't eat a single morsel past 7 pm!! Hallelujah for me!!
~I didn't swear today...holy shit!!(oops)
~Scott cooked two dinners this weekend.
~I bought my first ever iron
Anyhow can't remember all of my firsts. Hope everyone had a fantabulous day!!


Jadekitty said...

That's a pretty monumental week! (I think you forgot the part about Scott cooking dinner twice)

Clover said...

whoo hoo!!!!! :D

is it prophetically representative of the joy you feel this day that my 'word verification' is dejoyale? ha!!!! dejoyale!!!!!

Tanya said...

Yay for sleepovers at Grandma's! I so miss having that option!

I didn't go to the REM...I sent J as he missed the xmas concert. Plus Ro was feeling a bit under the weather and I KNOW there is no way in heck that he would've sat through it...nicely:)

I'm glad you had a good weekend!

Jenny said...

Ha, you're so right Darcy!! I knew I had a couple of firsts!!LOL

Roxrocks said...

I always get a little misty at the concerts too! We're weird, Jen!

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