Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mamaliscious-House of Baking

Today was a busy Saturday. Gavin had a hockey game and I decided to tackle some much needed I made home made chicken noodle soup, raisin scones, chocolate chip cookies, butter tarts, and oatmeal berry muffins. Phewf...The sad part is that in 3 days I'll be needing to bake again.
Luckily I took today as my free day. I find that when I bake I tend to sample a bite here and there.
Tomorrow I'm back at my program. I'm loving the body for life program. I can feel myself getting stronger and my cardio is building up in no time. My goal is to start my running program at the end of February. My knee is doing awesome and I want to slowly build up the running. I've been using the ball for my ab workouts and am feeling it!
I weigh myself tomorrow so I'll let everyone know what the results were.
Hope everyone had a Happy Saturday!

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Gwen said...

Can you tell me about Body for Life? I'm really impresssed by your progess and I'd love to know more! I only have about 15 lbs to lose, but I'm really out of shape and feeling unhealthy. BFL seems to be really working for you!

word verification is "trytou" which is what I'd like to do.

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