Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hiding Under a Rock

Hello Everyone!! I've been unofficially MIA the past little while. I keep thinking of blog posts, while either on the elliptical or ready to fall asleep,but haven't had the gumption to go ahead and post. I can't say anything out of the extraordinary(I love the word extraordinary...when I say it in my head to spell I always say "extra" and then pause, "ordinary"....odd..yes, I'm well aware of it!)just busy being super busy. I thought I'd divide this post into 3 sections:

The good, the bad and the ugly(very cliche-ish I know, but I'm struggling for material folks. I have barely left my house in a week!)

The Good:

~Terrace made it as a top ten finalist for Hockeyville 2009. Click here to vote for us!!(you have one more day!)
~My workouts have been awesome these days. I've been following the Body For Life schedule and it has been going great. Tomorrow is my free day so I am happy.
~My eating has been going good as well.(all hell will break loose tomorrow as it is my free day! Cheeeeeese!! I'm going to have toast and cheese!)I've been scheduling my meals the night before using the BFL excel spreadsheet and it's going awesome. I'm enjoying the protein shakes. Scott got a Magic Bullet for Christmas and it's been the Cat's Ass. I just love it! So that's a good as well.
~I've been having issues with my hair the past year or so. Basically my hubby has started to call me Kojak and it was becoming quite the issue. I researched online and found that silicea gel is supposed to work wonders for hair loss and any other skin issues. has!!! My hair is looking full and no longer is my hubby calling me Kojak!!
~I'm almost finished reading "The Shack" which has been an awesome read. I highly recommend it and it's helped me in alot of ways deal with the loss of my dad.
~I've lost 6.5 pounds in two weeks!! Very good indeed!!
~I started getting a cold sore and did a couple of squirts of colloidal silver followed by a qtip dipped in tea tree oil and that sucker never blossomed. Amen to that!!

The Bad:

~I've only lost 6.5 pounds. Ughh...I can't think of how much weight I want to lose otherwise I get discouraged...LIKE.REALLY.DISCOURAGED
~I had a sinus cold this week. It sucked. I had to miss out on my shifts at the salad bar and then a girls night.
~I was peeved at my hubby the other day.(I've already shared with him this story). Sometimes he's just too "perfect". He's the whole package(and I'm complaining??)...good looking, great personality, nice body...yada yada... And then there's me. Sometimes I feel we are like Mutt and Jeff. ie; He's clean, I'm messy. He's quiet, I'm often too loud and generally will say something not too appropriate. What peeved me is the fact he looked out the window and said, "I think I'm going to go for a run." He put on his running shoes and did 5k in like "2 shakes of a dead lamb's tail(or however that saying goes)and was back slightly out of breath. He hadn't ran in years! Why does that irritate me? Probably because it takes me 2.5 months to work myself up to going for a run, it doesn't come easy for me. Just slight envy...I'm warped. Bad to think that of my hubby.(and I do know that we are a perfect match for each other!)
~I think I might have given him "the Ross"(aka the finger) as he ran out the door...oops!!

The Ugly
~The mess that came out of my bedroom the other day. There was a dust bunny that I swept up that looked like a rat. I walked by (and I have been known to do this on a prior occasion)to go downstairs and thought it was a rat, and shrieked. Then I realized it was an imposter. However; it took me 1 day to sweep it up. Pure Laziness!!
~My toenail is turning white?? It's friggen ugly. So I just started spraying it with colloidal silver and hopefully that will help. Anyone ever have a toenail turn white?
~My "before shot" for this Body for Life program. Need I say more?!!

Hope all is well with everyone!
I'm off to have a soak in the tub!




Tanya said...

I think the lamb is still alive when it shakes its tail...but whatever;)

As far as your toenail...I would go to the Dr. it could be fungus and you will probably need a RX for it unfortunately.

Good for you for stickin to the plan...I have yet to come up with one to stick to. Lol!

Gwen said...

Tanya's right, the lamb should be alive and well, quickly shaking his tail in sets of two.

I hear you on the perfectly fit husband thing. I especially hate telling Mr Gwen about my fat-loss progress, because he never has the right response. He doesn't say, "You look fantastic and I'll love you at any size." No. He says, "All you need is to start exercising and you'd feel better and you'd lose weight, too." It makes me mad because what does he know about being chunky? He offers to go for walks/runs with me, and jogs along beside me carrying on a comfortable conversation, while my heart is pounding, my face is beet red and I'm gasping in pain. Makes me mad.


Try neat (undiluted) tea tree oil on the ol' toenail. It's an excellent anti-fungal, without the nasty side effects of the scary drugs. Fungus takes time to eradicate, though, so be patient. Apply the Tea Tree twice a day, all over the nail bed. It stinks but it works.

Roxrocks said...

I love the honesty of this blog post!

I get what you mean about the perfect husband thing. With mine, it's not the physical thing but the emotional one. He's never grouchy. He never takes it out on anyone, he's always nice. Makes me want to smack him! LOL! Love is balance.

If he calls you Kojak again, jersey him and push him down the stairs! LOL!~I'd say that's fair!

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