Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here's a list of some of my favourite things:

I couldn't live without floss...I floss daily!

I splurged and bought this mascara and it's pricey but sure does live up to its name..."wow".

I love the mineral makeup. I have the blush, concealer and the foundation. Definate thumbs up!

Here is my all time favourite bronzer....the Quo mosaic shimmering bronzer. I've had it for months and its like I haven't used any at all!

I wouldn't be able to do my workouts without old faithful. I think this year I'm going to join the ranks of the majority of people and get myself an ipod. For now, this does the trick!

My all time favourite brand of shoe. I have tried others,but nothing fits like a good pair of Asics.(which I desperately need!)

I love this Shampoo/conditioner. Works wonders for my hair. Nothing like good shampoo.

I love body butter of any kind, but Scott got me this in my stocking and it's become my new favourite.(the grapefruit is also amazing) The best part about this body butter is that it's half the cost of the Body Shop's Butter and smells EXACTLY the same and in the same packaging. (found in Walmart)

I've been drinking 2-3 protein shakes and these are the ones I prefer. I really like the strawberry or the chocolate.

And I've been making them in our handy dandy Magic bullet. Awesome for protein shakes, because you make the shakes in the same container you drink from!

My favourite winter scent. Once a year Lise Watier brings out Neiges and it's such a pretty soft scent. One of my faves for sure!!

My dear friend Joni got me this book for Christmas and I've been absorbing it...not just reading it,but taking it all in. Love it!! A must read for those seeking spiritual answers.

My friend had a spa party a couple of months ago and I bought this facial cleanser from Usanana. It's been amazing and I will continue to use it. Your face glows and glistens after using it!!

I've been using this moisturizer and it keeps my face dewy and fresh all day!!(it's supposed to be used for those in their golden years,but I like it just fine!!)

Here's my favourite eye cream. I use twice a day.

Scott got me this eyeglasses cleaner for Christmas and it works smudges, no streaks!!

I've been reading for the past few months and find it very helpful and informative.

Couldn't live without my lip medex!

or my tweezers!!!!(especially in such a fun colour!)

I always keep tea tree oil close at hand. It is awesome for cold sores.

This silicea gel has been a hair saver for me!! I won't ever not take it!!

And last but not least, my beloved laptop. I love it. I do think that the next one we buy will be a Mac...I keep hearing such awesome reviews about them.

What are some of your essentials??


Shan said...

So.....would you consider yourself a high-maintenance girl?

Jenny said...

Shan, I've always tried to deny the fact. Hubby, on the otherhand, has been insisting this is the case for years.

Tanya said...

I got "The Shack" and read it in three days...loved it...but will need to read it again when I'm totally alert...working nights and reading when you're tired doesn't help when there is so much to take in in certain parts of the book.

I love mineral make up too!!!

Jenny said...

I've read and reread..and then pondered on what I've read. So it's been an absorption of the book. I'm a super fast reader usually but this time I'm taking it all in.

I agree about the mineral makeup. It's the cat's ass!

Roxrocks said...

Flat iron.
AVOJUICE lotion in Jasmine Juicie scent by OPI. It's the bum diggity!
Rocky Mountain Soap Company Hot Flash Spray. (I'm not kidding!)
My Acer laptop.
My iPod Johhny 2.
My Dove soap.
Vaseline Intensive Care water resistant lotion.
Oil of Olay eye lifting serum. (The Loreal stuff gave me zits on my eyelids! WTF?!)
Soft and Dry Power Stripe antiperspirant.

sarah said...

love the nixoin also has been a life saver since my lapband..

gariener nutriese under eye serum..hides my bags well....

chapstick any flavor

going to try your protine shake mine leave an awful after taste i have to get 70 grams a day

a notebook and pen.

the camera either my professional one or the everyday one

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