Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Here's some pics from the holidays.

Not the best photo of me...thankfully I am starting my working regime on the 2nd...It looks like I ate a whole turkey myself...uggh. Scott felt the need to document me basting the bird.

Josey got an electric guitar. Rock on dude!! He is super excited and was even more excited that one of his best friend got one as well. They are already planning on a rock group!

The 3 amigos.

A pretty shot of the Dalecarlian horse.

One of our original ornaments. When we were first married we didn't have a lot of money(ie. any money). So we went to the dollar store and stocked up on cheap ornaments. We still have a few on our tree and I love the reminder from them of where we started out from.

Another one of our dollar store finds.

We decided to start the tradition of every year buying an ornament in honour of Grandpa/dad. This year the ornament was bought for Seamus and when he leaves home and gets his own tree he can bring the ornament with him as a reminder of Grandpa. When I found the ornament I thought it was cute, but was pleasantly surprised when I came home and saw that the Snowman Grandpa had angel wings!! I then explained to Seamus that this was his ornament and both him and Scott had a cry. Next year we buy a Grandpa ornament for Josey!

The stockings filled and ready to go!!

Gavin getting ready to put out the Santa key. This key is used by Santa to open our door as we have no chimney and it's not too safe to leave the door unlocked.

He came and was nice enough to hang the key on the inside doorknob!!

The haul!!

Pretty Ornaments!!

Our garland....

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

We had a wonderful Christmas. My sister and brother came "home"for Christmas and it was so nice to have them around. When they left I was reminded of the distance between us, which really sucks!!
Our family got spoiled.
I got Coco Chanel perfume, some Neiges Lise Watier Perfume set, a beautiful wall plaque(that I will take a pic of) a wall hanging from 10,000 Villages, a wooden salad bowl, a beautiful Christmas ornament(I will take a pic of) that is worthy of it's own post, another willow tree Christmas ornament, a toque, an electric blanket, earrings, a couple of journals, a couple of Christmas ornaments, a rice cooker, cheese grater(which is the cat's ass), a scarf,and some stocking stuffers.
Scott got some movies, ski mitts, hand knitted(not by me!)wool socks, a toque, a North Face Shirt, a cordless screwdriver, the magic bullet, a star wars trivia book, and a book, some photos. (plus a few things I'm sure I have forgotten)We're getting a Nikon camera this upcoming month,so that was his main present.
Seamus got a Montreal Canadiens jersey, cap, lego star wars ship, Megablocks castle, stereo, new skates, pjs, star wars ships(they shared a big At-te from their Oma and Opa), gift cards, a new jacket, new boots and more I'm sure.(Indiana Jones Characters, Eragon trilogy)
Josey got a lego star wars ship, a tech deck with 3 skateboards, an Indiana Jones guy, an electric guitar and amp, dvd's to learn how to play the guitar, new boots, jacket, snowpants, pjs, Star Wars ships, characters, Wii video game, light saber for the wii....and more I'm sure.
Gavin got the Rancor Monster. He informed us on the first of December that Santa would bring him one because he was a good boy. Yikes!! So we immediately went on ebay and paid wayyy too much money for this creature. He was delivered 3 days before Christmas! He also got a Wii game,light sabres for the wii star wars characters and ships, crayola stuff, new jacket, new boots, Indiana Jones characters, and more that I am forgetting.
The best present our family had was having my mom, sister and brother spend Christmas with us.
This sign sums it up.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years Celebration. We are opting to spend the evening at home with the boys. We'll play some games, watch the ball drop and eat some yummy food. We don't want to travel the roads at all.
Happy New Year to Everyone!!!



Ruth said...

I loved your post...i love looking in to see how people celebrate their holidays!!

sarah said...

i loved your post. i think you look beautiful...dont sell yourself short :)

Roxrocks said...

I LOVE the Santa Key thing!! OMG that's awesome!

I love the signs too! Great pics, Jenny!

Tanya said...

I love it when I decorate the tree and remember the moments surrounding certain decorations...memories...:)

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