Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Our family got spoiled and had a great visit with my family. I'll share some pics in the next day or so. I had to share a funny story.

Last night when we were wrapping presents I sat down on the floor and was immediately in major pain. "I sat on the scotch tape(the end that cuts the tape)and it's shredding my butt in half!" I cried out.

To my horror I looked over and saw an unsightly sight beside me(a couple of brown smears!!), "I think I just shit myself!!"I screamed out.

Both my sister and mom looked horrified, (probably horrified that even if I did, that I would share this particular information). Upon closer inspection I noticed that it was smeared chocolate. We then couldn't stop was one of those moments that when remembered later on in the evening I still got the chuckles.

Not share why I had to share that,but it still makes me laugh.




Roxrocks said...

This post qualifies you to be in the running to receive the "Understanding Your Bowels" book that Tornwordo sent me for Christmas this year! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

joni said...

LOL oh Jenny i love you.

Merry Christmas made my night ...

Jenn said...

Okay jenny........first of all.....i have to tell you i have a terrible chest cold..........can hardly when i sate down and read this story it litteraly just about killed me...then when i read it a second time outloud to andy......i couldn't even breathe....i was laughing so hard tears where coming down my face it took me over 4 minutes to finish reading this made my year....i havent laughed like that in forever.

Devo said...

That's too funny!!! You know how some of us just love the poop talk!!LOL

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