Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alive and Kicking....

I have been in a blogging slump for the past few weeks. Actually not just a blogging slump,but a life slump.(insert deep sigh here) For all of September and most of October I was struggling emotionally. I just felt sad. Mad. Tired. Unmotivated.
Once the end of October came I felt like it lifted. Like a big burden had been removed. I don't have that sinking feeling anymore(which I am so grateful for).
Things have been pretty good around here. I need to get on the fitness bandwagon once again. Scott and I are going to do it as a team.(he has 6 pounds to lose to reach his goal weight) I'm looking forward to having him as my partner in this....for the most part...I imagine there will be the days when I'm cursing him!(another situp??WTF??)
We've been super busy these days with cubs, hockey, scouting, swim club and life in general.
I don't know whether or not I am looking forward to Christmas. For my boys and Scott I am,but truthfully, it will be sad without my dad here. I miss him so much these days.
Anyhow I am hoping to be a better blogger. I have so many stories to's a quick one.
Gavin and I were at the doctor's office yesterday.(he has been sick all week)
Whenever we are in the doctor's office we always play "eye spy". He is the funniest kid to play eye spy with. He'll stare at the blue ball and say "I spy something that is blue..."and then when you guess the blue ball he'll say in amazement"how did you get that mommy?"LOL
Anyhow it was my turn and I picked brown....
"I spy with my little eye something that is brown..."I said.
"I know this one is easy!!"he beamed.
" can guess!"I smiled knowing that the brown wall was pretty obvious.
"that lady sitting right there!"he smiled..."she's brown."
"Nope it was the brown wall."I said in haste.
Oy.....I then explained later that eye spy didn't include people...just things.
From the mouths of babes.

Anyhow...the rum and eggnog has worn off and I'm left with a bit of a headache.
Off to bed.


Gwen said...

Gavin is such a cutie! Great story!

I'm sorry to hear things are going poorly. Grief sucks because it's such a roller coaster - one day's great, the next day is lousy. You're still in my prayers my friend!

joni said...

jennaliscious.. sorry friend... i know its been rough.. we love you.

you always are a great comfort for me.. if you need anything i can give yah.. you let me know. or just show up!! coffee is ALWAYS on..

very excited about Scott joining yah.. thats awesome. Nothing like a hubby to send you into .. (later on that)

Hey let me know when you are free free free.. timmys is calling us.

Connie said...

thinking of you sweetie!!!

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