Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm It....

I know there are rules involved with this meme but not sure what they are.
Here's 6 random facts about moi...totally useless information..drivel...
1. I used to be the biggest coffee fiend and gave it up cold turkey 17 months ago. I miss coffee and have come pretty close to going off the wagon for it...(or is it on the wagon??).
2. I'm the biggest gumaholic! I love gum. Fruity gum, cinnamon gum(thanks Joni for getting me hooked)...I am easily up to a pack a day...seriously folks...One.Pack.Per.Day.....
3. I love doing essays. When we travelled through Europe I wrote an essay after every performance we saw. I'm all about symbolism...metaphors...imagery...You get the drift?
4. I'm a car seat-dancer. I love cranking the songs and doing my little upper body dance moves. So if you see some crazy looking woman that looks like she's going spastic in a minivan...chances are it's me!LOL
5. I cry every time I hear this song and immediately find myself imagining my life as a woman that was left behind.(okay the song is playing and it breaks me up!!) This song is usually playing as I'm walking over the old bridge so I get some odd stares as I look pretty devastated. The good news is that "Wide Open Spaces"is on the MP3 player right after it and that song is the most freeing song ever...better listen to that one now... feel better!!:)
6. My boys and I love to do air bands. Yah...I know...I'm kind of old. They love to dance. Jonas always grabs the guitar hero guitar and plays(pretends to)it so cool and Gav and I go wild...We're putting together a video compilation...we'll post it when we're done. Shay just directs and laughs at us...him and his dad don't want any part of us fools!!LOL...they don't know the fun they're missing. We were moshing the other night...brought back good ol' grunge days!...
***Bonus Drivel:
7. Our beloved Oreo is a mute cat. Seriously! I noticed she doesn't say much and when I took her for her first set of shots I asked the vet and he said she was probably content and didn't have too much to say(yes I'm one of those irritating cat people!!LOL)Well if she's needing food she's mouthing the word "meow" and then a wee-little sound comes out. It's the friggen oddest thing you have ever seen! Scott does the funniest impression. I'm gonna see if he'll do it on the video and I'll post it here! Scott and I laughed so hard the other night watching her mouth the meows....He said and I quote:"out of all people to get a mute cat...we end up with the mute cat!"
So she's making an odd little noise so she's not entirely mute...perhaps more of a speech impediment! Reminds me of the mute prostitute story...betcha no one would have guessed I picked up a mute hooker once!...Seriously...(and all accidentally I might...and I didn't "pick up" as in "pick up" but gave her(with other people in the vehicle) a ride...)Phewf...I'll probably be explaining this story!
There you have it. Most everyone has done this so I won't tag anyone.
Feel free to do this if you want!
I'm off to lay beside my hubby and think about what an amazing man I'm married to!!(that's what that song does to me...turns me into a sap-sucking lover fool!!)

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Roxrocks said...

I wish Kamir was mute, the little bugger was wandering around at 4AM just wanting someone to get up and chat with him. I could have choked him.

I love the Chicks. Love them.

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