Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm So Vain..

I'm not feeling too grand today. I believe I woke up with a bit of a stomach somethingarather. However; I could be feeling not so hot,because my face looks like I have a GIGANTIC piece of road rash on it. Seriously peeps...not good...NOT.GOOD.AT.ALL!! I look at it(because I can't not look at the growth)and I begin to feel not so hot.
I thought I was dealing with a minor zit. Lately they have been flaring and popping up here, there and everywhere. When I was a teenager I was fortunate not to have any...well, Payback's a bitch!! A festering...toonie sized Beyotch!! If this is what I have to look forward to for the next few years of my life, I know that I'm gonna have to send out an SOS to the dermatologist.
As I was saying before I so eloquently digressed, I had a minor pimple...or so I thought. I have watched it grow...and grow...and explosively grow to take over the corner of my chin. I look like I have a massive cold sore growing.
I'm telling you people, it this sucker doesn't succomb I'm heading to the doctor's to see if there's a special cream or antibiotic.
And to think I can't stand hearing other people's complaints....


Gwen said...

I feel your pain.

Last week I went to drop my daughter off at karate. I was yakking with another mother there, then with someone else, then with the karate instructor. I was feeling great... then I went back to the car and just happened to glance at myself in the rear view mirror. THERE WAS A HUGE WHITE-HEADED ZIT right by my nose, and another one starting to pop out right in the middle of my forehead. The skin around these pimples was all red and angry looking, and the centres were all white and looked like they were going to erupt at any second. Niiiiiiiice. Way to make new friends, Gwen.

Roxrocks said...

LOL Jenny, I'm in the same boat. I've got the Clearasil in one hand and the Oil of Olay in the other. I don't know whether to shit or call it a day.

The thirties are a delicate time in a woman's life....HAHAHAHAH!

Tanya said...

As you would say..."oy"... I hear ya girl...this past week or two I have broken out in some ginormous zits too! Fun times!

I hope you clear up soon...as well as the rest of us!

Joy Zaczyk said...

I KNOW! What is the deal with getting zits at our age?? No-one ever told me about this! lol

SueakaNana said...

Jenny, have you started menopause yet, Perimenoupause read up on it that is what could be causing you the lovelies on your face... just an idea.. i thought i would just browse on peoples blogs and you, laura and shari are the only ones i can get on.. shit i'm so ticked.. whats with penny and lucy.. can't get into theirs!!!! oh well happy that I can still read yours... ttyl Sue

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