Monday, August 18, 2008

Quick Blip...

My aunt left back to Ontario today. It was very sad watching her leave for the plane. My Aunt has been predeceased by her parents and her 4 siblings...she's the last one standing! We shed a lot of tears when we said our goodbyes. We had a wonderful visit with her despite the circumstances. I know that Scott and I will have to make more of an effort to keep in touch with her and her family. We're going to try and drive back East in two years.
Yesterday I spent the day cleaning my pig stye house. It was dirty. My oven was gross. No other way to describe the mess inside. The dirty oven reminds me of this story. When I was discussing my dad's memorial with the Pastor I was in the midst of cooking dinner. We got to a point in the conversation where I was voicing my concerns on how religious the ceremony would be. I stated, "we all know that it's important to have some religion" and then oven caught on fire! Seriously...I got off the phone and then went to the oven and the flame was out....insert twilight zone music here....I think someone was trying to send some kind of message at that particular time!LOL
School apparently starts in a couple of weeks and I am not even remotely ready. Yikes! I guess that means I'll be in full blown panic mode in the next few days. Boy this summer went by way too quickly.
We have a new addition to our family...Oreo"Cookie"Damstrom. She's a little black and white kitten. Beautiful, loving and friendly. Just what our family needs. I'll post some pics later on.(if I can get on the computer....I think we are buying a's hard to get on here some days)
Anyhow...nothing else to report.
I have the biggest piles of laundry to put away to reality!


Roxrocks said...

Glad to hear things are settling down for you over there. The fire in the oven thing was funny!

Tanya said...

I hope that you can keep a good and strong relationship going with your Aunt! She seemed like a real sweetie.

There's nothing like a new little furball to give you unconditional love!

The fire in the!!! I can just see it happening!

Sharijoy said...

You got a new kitty..... awe! I like the name oreo!! too cute! I know how you must feel having to say goodbye for now to your Aunt. DISTANCE SUCKS!!!!! my verifcation word is

Pen said...

Thinking of you and saying 'see you later' is definitely hard.

Congrats on your new baby!! Can't wait to see some PICTURES of the kitty. You know how great PICTURES can be and how PICTURES can let us put a face to the name of Oreo.

xoxo Pen


Nin said...

isn't reality the pits sometimes?
thinking of you.

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