Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I thought I'd take Christy's lead and post some of my family's nicknames.

Scott aka: hubbylisciousness, Scotty McHotty, Nerd, Oh conan Big Daddy, Scotty, Luvvahboy;)
Seamus: Shay, Shay baby, Shay-shay baby, love child, Shaystrom,
Jonas: Josey, Jonas Macillaluvchild, Jonas Macillacuddy, Dude,bug
Gavin: Gav, Gavey, Gavey Art, Gavstrom



Carebear and Firestarter said...

Wow, you're posting so much, I had to catch up! I loved you blessings list. Family and friends are so crucial in these times. I'm so glad to hear you have such an awesome man to hold you and friends to laugh or cry with. I wish I was there so that we caould go out and have a few laugh attacks ourselves! I can just sis and you and I would have a ball!

Those pics are so awesome. We don't ahve that kind of scenery around here. you guys get to be near such breath taking streams and lakes and mountains......God's creation is AWESOME!

that's a big fish your hubby caught! WOW!!! you look really really good in the pics too. there is a peace on your face.

and the nicknames for scott are cute! i like mc. hotty! haha

Chris said...

Great couple of posts Jenny!! Good to see you updating.. I nearly pee'd myself "oh conan big daddy" seriously hahahaha

Anonymous said...

And most importantly, you forgot.....GABBER:)

Jenny said...

I did forget Gabber and was going to edit the post the other day...anonymous...Oma?Amy?

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was me that mentioned Gabber, AMY

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