Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Manic Blogger

I kind of feel like a manic blogger. I don't blog for weeks at a time, and then I do a blog overload.
Oh well...I'm waiting for my cookies to be done. Um...yep...check the time...I realized after dinner our snack container was bone dry. It was too late to run to the grocery store(not really but that sounds way better than I was too lazy to leave the house!)so I decided to whip up a quick couple of batches.(phewf the timer just rang on the cookies...they are done!).
I think that if I spaced out what I do at the end of the night throughout the day I would find that I wouldn't be so crammed with things on the go. My time management sucks...big time.
Anyhow I thought I'd share a few random blips about moi.

1. I love Punjabi music. Seriously. You know the kind of music that plays in Bollywood movies. When I get into a taxi cab in Vancouver(and no I'm not saying all taxi cab drivers in Vancouver are East Indian)and if the cab driver is East Indian I always tell him to turn the music up!LOL...The music reminds me of my childhood best friend and her family. Great memories.
2. Which brings me to Bollywood movies. I love the cheesy movies. The girl is just getting ready to kiss the boy of her dreams...and they break into song and dance! Love it!! I grew up watching these shows.
3. I love the Mob. (it's more of a love/hate thing) When I was younger I used to think I wanted to be a FBI(Donnie Brasco gal) who went and infiltrated the mob. It's an odd obsession. But I'm odd...and okay with it! Fuggetaboudit!
4. When I was younger and in Band just joking...but when I was younger, I used to daydream about being a Nazi Resistance Fighter. I think this was after I read the "Diary of Anne Frank".
5. I hate raw mushrooms. Despise.
So there you have it.

My cookies are done and I'm off to bed.


D-Ann said...

I love your blog posts, sorry for not commenting more.. Camp makes it hard.

Roxrocks said...

Manic blogging and manic baking...keep it up, I love it!

I didn't like raw mushrooms until a few years ago. I like them in salads and with dip/dressing. But I love them slathered in butter and garlic and sauteed in a pan!

Tanya said...

You're funny!This post made me smile!

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