Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Sunday

Not much has happened since my last update. The laundry is put that's probably the biggest achievement. Scott and I got our anniversary present the other day....our laptop. (I'm using it right now)It's awesome. I can't really say that we needed it, but it is nice to splurge on something every now and then.
School is just around the corner. I can't wait. We desperately need some order and schedule for this family. I feel rather emotional that my baby is going off to Kindergarten. (Rox I cannot imagine how you must feel with your oldest off to college...big hugs to you and I'll have a drink of wine for you to help calm Your nerves....I'll take any excuse to drink some wine!LOL) Gav is registered for hockey and I'm going to put him in Beavers this year.(The other 2 are in Scouts and Cubs) It will mean a busy winter with all the activities going on around here.
My mom took the boys school clothes shopping today and they got a haul. We are so lucky Grandma loves to do this. So my boys are good to go. I need to go through all of their clothes and get rid of what doesn't fit. Just add another thing to my list of things to do.
Anyhow I've got nothing else. Tomorrow we are off to the Labour Day picnic in K*itimat. Scott is fishing in K-town tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I'll be posting pics of a couple of nice looking cohos here tomorrow.
Happy Sunday Peeps!


Tanya said...

Your sunday sounds happier than my sunday! Glad the boys got their "haul". You and Scott so derserved that laptop!!! After what you've told is very well derserved!

I guess I'll be seeing you on tuesday. Yay!! Actually, I think I may cry...I have no one at home with me anymore...yep, I'm gonna cry.

Roxrocks said...

Laptops save families!

I cried when they went to kindergarten too. The time leading up to it is worse, once they are gone and you get used to the quiet, you'll never be the same again! LOL!

Gwen said...

So, how did Day 1 go?

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