Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hey Guys, Wanna Go to a Karaoke Bar?

20 Things I will never do...courtesy of Gwen.

1. Willingly listen to John Denver(I say willingly because my hubby likes him...insert wretching noise here!)
2. Live my life with regret.
3. Give in to the "five second rule"
4. Wear bell bottoms.
5. Get a tattoo(eventhough I'd really like one, I still imagine myself to be an old withered up old granny, with a butterfly pruned up on her shoulder)
6. Dust without complaint.
7. Look down on other people's religious beliefs.
8. Wear jeans and running shoes.
9. Wear nude colour "panty hose"
10. Get into an "a" cup again.
11. Remarry.
12. Accept an Oscar.
13. Sing and have the audience loving my performance!!(I'm a tad bit tone deaf!)
14. Wear a thong, low riser jeans accompanied with a short tube top(Muffin tops, butt cracks with fabric floss should not go together).
15. Use another chocolate chip cookie recipe.
16. Buy another minivan.
17. Eat liver.
18. Feel comfortable using a public bathroom.
19. Go a day without using my tweezers.
20. Understand why some may not like karaoke????(c'mon Gwen, we could do the "Islands in the Stream" duet)
~You're next....


Gwen said...

LMAO!!! The "nude" panty hose is too funny, I actually bought some for my work uniform a couple months ago. I took one look in the mirror and I was like, "okay, no."

I'm rethinking the karaoke thing. I think you might be onto something there.

Connie said...

i love how bring "tweezers" into your blogs about once/month or so! Ooooh our friend Tweezers!

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