Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Messy Tuesday...

Need I say more??
Below are pics of my boys basement area. Shay is supposed to keep his desk area neat and tidy.
Hmm...perhaps I should give him the meaning of "neat and tidy"...

Go over to Shan's to see her Messy Tuesday post. I would post a before and after pic, but, it might be awhile to get this area up to snuff!!(My hubby would DIE if he knew I posted this...)
Hope all is well! I just got back an hour ago from a run/walk. I joined a running clinic!!! Seriously and I am so proud at how well I did tonight. I ran when I was supposed to(felt like I was dying I might add)and didn't give up.
Man, life is good...Messy, but good!!


Shan said...

Running clinic - WELL DONE. I've been using the Couch to 5K podcast which is great - a free running coach you take along with you, and dancey music to keep you pumped up.

Good mess, too. I really admire it for its obvious longevity...that's not a mess that gets built in a day - that takes serious OTHER priorities to accumulate - Excellent work choosing your activities wisely!

joni said...

oh that was such an inspiring comment shan.... really.

and Jenny, i am so jealous of you running without me... although i did run tonight with Jess.. (i totally skipped the school meeting-yes hooky at 32..er i mean 35 ..eesh)... did your lungs feel like they burnt through your skin? just wondering if that is normal.. haha
i so can't wait till we are running the bridges... YAHH ..we are starting..this year we are really kicking!!!whoot whoot

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