Friday, April 18, 2008


Last night while brushing my teeth, Gavin came prouncing up the stairs with his chest puffed out and head held high.
"Mommy..."he exclaimed while his bright eyes twinkled..."you'll never guessed what I can do?"
I paused for a moment before answering. My boys are smart, brilliant children. Creative...."I bet he has learned some new french words from his bilingual computer!!"I thought to myself...
"What have you learned?" I asked in anticipation.
"I can buwp the ABC's....wanna hear!" he said in pure delight...
And then my brilliant, intelligent, creative 5 year old started to croak like a bull frog.

Three nights ago Shay came upstairs in tears. He was clearly distraught.
"Someone stole all my money!" he said while big tears streamed down his face.
"I didn't take it!!!"bellowed Josey from the basement.
I went down to investigate and sure enough there was no more money left in Shay's piggy bank. We then went to look in Josey's and his was bone dry.
As it was late at night we decided we'd further investigate the next day.
That day after school we were looking around in the basement. We did manage to find a toonie, a loonie and 2 quarters. Shay then felt defeated and accepted the fact that "he misplaced his money".
"Maybe we should check to see if Gavin's piggy bank was empty?" He sighed.
So off he went and grabbed Gavin's piggy bank. He poured it out and it was jammed stuffed with 3 $10 bills, 3 $5 dollar bills, $26 dollars in toonies, and $9 dollars in loonies, along with some quarters.
"Gavin!" I yelled clearly annoyed."Get up here now!"
He came sauntering into the living room and I asked, "Where did all of this money come from?"
"I saw the money in Seamus' and Josey's piggy banks and thought it would look better in mine!!"
I then had to discuss the importance of people having their own property and space. How it wasn't nice to steal from somebody.
"I wasn't stealing mommy, I just wanted it to fill up my piggy bank!"he said.
Scott is on night shift. I don't sleep well when he is on night shift. I always think someone is going to come and rob us.
The other night I awoke(3 am) to some unusual sounds. I heard a door open and close. I heard the pitter patter of feet.
"I bet you we have an intruder!"I said to myself, almost too afraid to investigate.
So off I went tiptoeing downstairs...
Hmmm...nothing. All was quiet.............then I heard some odd strange rustlings...
I went upstairs...warm, warmer....Hotter...the noise was getting louder.
I stood outside of Gavin's room and quietly opened the door.
There sat my son devouring(rather gorging) two cheese strings.
"What are you doing?"I asked, needing some kind of explanation.
"What does it look like? I'm eating cheesestrings!"he replied nonchalantly.



Tanya said...

Ha ha...Gavin you crack me up!! Boy's hey? I liked how he thought that all the money would look better in his piggy bank...too cute!

Christy said...

That is awsome!! He is so cute!!

Good for you and all the running Jenny! You need to kick my butt!!

Anonymous said...

What a charmer!

Gwen said...

What a kid, he's fantastic. Reading this was a great way to start my day, thanks! :)

joni said...

haha .. that is so rich..

Gwen .. 6:15 is way too early to start a day. (i so wish i was able to do that... eesh..)

**did everyone notice we now have had TWO gorgeous mornings.. (not so nice after noon yesterday..) but wonderful with the first cuppa joe. **

Annie Thomas-Burke said...

Good lord I am laughing here at the piggy bank story. Just read it to jan too.
How fricking cute! You cant be mad at him he just wanted it full mommy!

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