Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I weighed myself and I lost 5 pounds this week!!! (that was with a chocolate fondue thrown into my week!!)I was a little worried because last week I gained 2 pounds!!Just goes to show...hard work pays off!!
Today I started working on the front rock garden and got a good chunk of it cleaned out. Then we all decided to have a game of bocce(bocce rocks!!!)and spent an hour playing. Afterwards we kicked the soccer ball around and then everyone decided that we needed to do a DQ run!! (I did good ice cream for me!!)
I have another run tomorrow. We are switching up the gears again and will be walking 2.5 minutes, and then running 2.5 minutes...9 intervals. I love the challenge and have such a sense of empowerment.
I am woman, hear me roar!
Hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful day and made the most of it!!
Hugs to all!!


joni said...

Again.. i say WHOOT WHOOT !! YOU ARE ROCKING!! and you have worked so friggen hard its not even funny!

Jess ran right over me killed me... haha
i got Benny to come ride his bike while we ran around ferry island.. he was so funny .. haha we totally beat him! poor guy, its so time to get all the family moving ... soccer is so close and i got to get these guys ready!! i am so jealous your family played soccer today!!

wtg girlfriend.

Gwen said...

Great post, you sound very positive and motivated! Awesome work Jenny!

my word verification is exddq -- like X the DQ!

Ames said...

WOW!!! Five pounds!! Will you be my personal trainer?

Anonymous said...

Great job Jenny! Your hard work is paying off!

starla said...

wow!! good job! those are good intervals!!! keep up the great work!!

Tanya said...

Way to go Jenny!! You should be very proud of yourself!!

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