Friday, March 28, 2008

Reality...For those Faint of Heart, don't read!

I'm dealing with some insomnia at this very precise moment. Ughh...

Lately, I feel like my blog posts are so friggin' boring. In all honesty, I don't know why I don't share as freely as I used to. It seems like I'm not being very authentic to myself or those that read my blog. Sure I love my life, but I'm no happy go lucky suzie homemaker that just whistles and hums along to Loreena McKennint all day. Man...I was so relieved the other day when I visited a blog and saw that some people were embracing, or actually acknowledging messy homes! This post excited me...I could relate. I could take pics of many areas of my home. Sometimes it's kind of overwhelming to read other blogs where everyone is so friggin' perfect...I barely can stomach a "my kids are the most amazing kids on this world" post...and yet, I do the same. Gloating, I guess that's what blogging is about. Self absorption.
So I was laying in bed trying to sleep and thought to myself, "I should blog. Shit...(yes I think and speak swear words...sometimes shit, sometimes bitch, ass...and even the oh my...f* word itself!!)...I should blog about all the real things going on in my house and in my head.

~There are days when my youngest is home with me and I turn on the tv and let the tv entertain him. Am I a bad mom? No...a lazy one perhaps. I let the older ones do it too!

~My youngest is addicted to biting his nails. He has a serious bad habit that he must of inherited from his dad. He bites them so bad his finger bleeds. How do I make him stop this???

~At least once a month I hum the Rodeo song . I'm not sure why, but I do!

~I friggen suck at dusting and at putting laundry away!! I can do laundry but it then sits in baskets for a week or two before it is put away!...and dusting...well...I've seen creatures come alive from the dust!!

~My dieting has been going okay. The other day I had it really under control, until 10 pm at night when I ate the ear and the ass out of the easter bunny!! Man....this pisses me off!! Maybe I should just start duct taping my mouth shut at night!!

~Not only am I getting PMS every month, I now get Post MS, which is what I have at this moment!! WTF....this hormonal thing sucks! I'm sick of these friggin' whiskers that are appearing on my chin...Jenny Goat Gruff should be my new moniker. And let's talk about the zits!! I had perfect skin as a teenager and nowadays I'm running off to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy Clearasil!! Ahhh!!

~What happens to the other sock? Why do I have a whole humongous basket of lonely socks??? Where do they go??

~I swear if my kids eat all of the snacks in a 24 hour period I'm gonna go looney apeshit on them! This annoys me....(and hiding them doesn't help...they sniff them out!!)

~If my husband instructs me(yet again) to start a list to get "ready" for his mom and grandma's visit...I'll start a list all right and put it somewhere...where the sun don't shine!!!

Phewf....I think I'm good to go to a couple of things off of my rather large chest! Beware...tomorrow is my youngest's 5 th birthday. Prepare yourselves for a purely sappy, "my baby is growing up and isn't he so perfect" post...I promise's coming!!
Off to bed...hope I didn't scare any of you away!!



Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back!! Love the ear and ass bit!!Give Gav big hugs and kisses and birthday wishes from all of us!! shari

Carol said...

Stay real sister! Loved every bit of your blog today and totally related to EVERYTHING you said!!! As far as the PMS goes, I basically only have 1 good week a month left! This hormonal stuff has got to go!!!

Keep being yourself! Always love your entries... especially when the kids aren't perfect and your house is messy!


Gwen said...

This is the best post ever. Blogging can be such a fake show-off thing. I read some people's posts and think, "Right, your two year old said that they wish you had a pocket like a mommy kangaroo, and that they wish they could ride in it forever because you're the best mommy in the whole wide world." Oh, yeah. Right.

My oldest daughter bites her nails and picks at them, so much that the nails are shrinking into little bits of fingernail, with extra skin showing at the fingertips. Do you know what I mean? We're trying the paint-on nail-biter stuff, but it's only effective if you remember to use it, and only until they wash their hands. Still, though.

Anonymous said...

I think I may have just fallen in love with you! I think you should release this part of you more often!

joni said...

hehe ....jenny really now, scare people off?? i don't think so.

Hey sorry i shafted you today.
it was beyond my control..
but sometime sat would be great.

ps i never think your blog is boring... even your calm posts are good,... (i did lol about the bunny's ears and ass ... good one)

Jenny said...

No worries Joni. I was in a bit of a rush, cuz my parents were coming in to take Gav,so it worked out fine for me. I just power walked the millenium.

joni said...

good at you Jen..

umm the worst time is 11:45 - 1:30 ... everything else is very probable.


Jenny said...

I'll phone you around 2. Even if we can't do the bridges we should do a walk/run of ferry island!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! This hormonal thing is so unfair! I love your posts and I alway get a kick out of how you share about your life. You always know how to look on the bright side and make it humorous! I admire that in you!

Annie said...

You let your children be entertained by the tv...heck sometimes I accidentally call the tv the babysitter!!

Nin said...

It's gonna take a heck of alot more reality to scare me off!
You're awesome! Just as you are! Whatever about clean/messy houses, perfect/bratty kids.... we're all in this together no matter what.
I NEVER put my laundry away either, and it sits in the basket folded all nicely, until one, then two, then three, then a pile, then another pile, of dirty/clean laundry gets piled up ontop of the basket, then in the never ending messiness of my room, the room which no one ever sees the floor, it somehow always gets dumped, and re filled and dumped, until finally I have NO IDEA what's clean and whats dirty, and I wash, and fold, and basket, and start it all over again......reality? yep it's real.
My son started watching movies before his first birthday, and watches one every day. And I wouldn't call myself lazy, so neither should you!
Shit, is a word I have had soooooo much trouble shaking out of my vocab. It still slips out of my mouth from time to time (only when I get hurt, like stubbing my toe or wacking my hand on something really hard) but I'm still working on it ;)
I'm real too dude! I pigged out on wings last night, and felt so sick. Hebrews 10:14 "because by one sacrifice he has made PERFECT forever those who are BEING MADE holy." He delights in you!
Be encouraged Jenny!

Leighton Tebay said...

My wife directed me to this post. I just about fell out of my chair, this was awesome!

Thank You

Jenn said...

I love you! I needed to read that. I don;t feel so alone anymore. Haha. Can;t wait to catch up.

Jenn said...

I love you! I needed to read that. I don;t feel so alone anymore. Haha. Can;t wait to catch up.

Shan said...

Hey Jenny - didn't see this until today (for some reason I don't have you on Bloglines but that is being fixed right now).

I am laughing my fool head off, especially over "Jenny Goat Gruff" which struck me so, so funny.

You gotta do the Messy Tuesday thing with us - it's hilarious.

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