Friday, March 28, 2008

He's 5!!

He reassures me that "I'll always be your wittlest baby!"....


Jenny said...

Not sure why the pic is so bright?? I suck at taking pictures!

Pen said...


Wow what a milestone. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and that your day is extra special..just like you!

joni said...

oh man.. run away to never-land while you can!!!!

i suppose i am just kidding.. sigh..

Happy Birthday kiddo have a blast being 5 ... 5 is awesome!!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday "Gab" as Tristan calls him!

Our babies are growing up Jenny! *sniffle sniffle*

Anonymous said...

Just think, when they all get married, you will have three women who will have to live up to YOU! Isn't that awesome?! Happy birthday to both of you!

Sharijoy said...

Happy BDAy Gavin!!....loads of hugges and kisses from us to you!! You are just getting sooooo big!! AND CUTER by the sec!!!!!

Nin said...

I commented on your last post, and posted just for you! :)
Happy bday little man!

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday Gav!! I hope its a very special day for you and all of your family!!!

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