Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hello everyone!
All is well in the land of Strom. Nothing too unusual or out of the ordinary. I find I have been so busy with trying to get some spring cleaning done, exercising and all the normal mom/wife duties that go along with my job.
Scott worked OT two of the days this weekend, so my weekend was pretty uneventful. I did manage to catch up on some much needed sleep. I leave the weekend feeling very refreshed, but a little overwhelmed.
My house is a semi-disaster. I managed to tackle the living room and kitchen today. I love the wonderful weather, but it sure does show all the dirty areas of a home! The boys had friends over and then Scott and them played a board game. Gavin thought they are called "bored" games for when a person is bored. Good reasoning as any!
Tonight we watched the Oscars together. I'm amazed at my beautiful little family of testosterone. At the end of the Oscars we each did our own acceptance speech for whatever category we wanted. Of course, I chose, "Best Original Screenplay". I must say, I laid out an amazing speech. I even shed some tears, and I swear I saw my Hottie McScotty get a little misty eyed himself. Scott chose the Best Leading Actor category. My speech was WAY better!!
My boys were right into this. Seamus quoted the joker by saying,"So much to do and so little time"...Jonas was a goof ball, and Gavin thanked his Mommy!(all these were for the best actor categories!) My only regret is we didn't videotape
I have been hitting the gym steady and loving the kickbo and bosu ball classes. I am actually seeing some results. Slowly but surely. I am looking forward to my walk tomorrow and aerobic class in the evening.
I love Spring. Although we do get a lot of rain, it is so refreshing...invigorating...Yeah remind me of this when I'm complaining that there is too much rain!LOL
It was a friggen long winter! Longer than normal. I swear at the end of January I almost went batty! It's so awesome to see the snow melt and the robins hanging out in the yard.
I have a bunch of things to get done this week. I'll share my To Do list.(after the week I'll post what went on the To Don't list).
To Do:
~get waxed...(starting to resemble Hitler with my semi-stache)...scary!
~get the main closet cleaned out and organized.
~get the basement vacuumed and dusted.
~clean boys bathroom.
~clean out my van.
~get a book read by Friday.(haven't started it yet...oops!)
~get wallpaper border removed from workout room
~start ripping down wallpaper from Gavin's room.
~get entry way tidied
~take recycling to depot.
~get measurements done.
~before pictures done and posted on Weight loss blog.
I'm sure there's more. There is always more that can be done.
Gavin will be turning 5 at the end of March and Shay will be 11 in April. I am trying to get Gavin's bedroom done by his birthday. We aren't replacing the carpet. It's a good carpet and very nice and cozy. So all(I say all now, but sure will be cursing the "all" in the next little while)we have to do is strip the wallpaper, repair any holes(can't see any as of yet), prime and paint. He's getting a new bed, desk and dresser.(right now he has a twin, with no headboard) I don't want to do a particular theme bedroom because kids outgrow them so quick. His carpet is blue, so it doesn't leave tons of options for paint colours. We'll move him to the spare bedroom in the next day or so. Then we can start. I asked him what colour he wanted his bedroom to be and he said, "maybe some red, yellow and blue stripes, with a train"...That's exactly the wallpaper in there now. I love the rooms upstairs in our house. They are like attic rooms. Vaulted ceilings and neat spaces. His room is small,but has a skylight and some neat angles. I'm excited to tackle this. mind is starting to feel overwhelmed. I'm going to go and hang out with my man.
Hope all is well!


Gwen said...

The spring sure brings out the To Do in all of us! I was sitting in S's room this a.m. (now she's sick too) and thinking, "Maybe I could paint today!" Can't wait to see pics of Gavin's new room!

words verification: oopz

joni said...

haha oh i think i tag myself for a long list of to-do's (i'll put that on my list-HA)

Jenny somehow you always make things sound fun fun fun..

i so wish i could have heard your it rocked, cus you so rock.

sorry about the kids not feeling well.. looks like 'it' is making its way around again..Hope you and Gwen keep your strength up.

no worries about the walk, we'll get it in soon enough,..spring is sooo on its way!!

wishing yah a good day through it all...

Christy said...

I was shocked when I read that Gavin will be 5 at the end of March and then I realized that Tristan will be 4 in April! So it made perfect sense! Crazy how fast they are growing up!

Anonymous said...

Wow are you ever ambitious! I can't wait for spring too, not because of the work I want to do in my yard but because of the camper/trailer we just bought to do our camping with this summer! YAY bring on CAMPING!

SueakaNana said...

hi Jenny, You saw that i updated my blog finally, i am going to go for now as i am about to lose it getting rid of that stupid count down to xmas thingy, i have a cute summer one i wanted to put up but i don't know how, so i think i will go and spend some time on facebook play some scrabble with friends and hit the hay to read my book. Ttyl Jenny, Hugs from moi Sue

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