Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5 Things...

I think I've done this before...I vaguely remember, but can't remember my answers...
Songs that make me smile:(not all my fave songs)
~Lady of Shalot(Loreena M)
~The Unicorn(Irish Rovers)
~Nothing Compares 2 U(Sinead...I remember serenading Scott with this song)
~Alabama Song(The Doors. This brings back a crazy memory that involved Scott and I dancing around a 1970-red chevy malibu.)
~Stronger(Kanye West. Gavin loves this song(bleeped out radio version) and I howl everytime I hear him saying "let's get lost tonight you can be my Black kate Moss tonight!")

Things I like about me:
~My Smile
~My eyes/nose...face
~My intelligence.
~My sense of humour
~My compassion.

People Who make me smile:
~My crazy boys.
~My sister who I love so much and wished we lived closer!!
~My Friends(in no particular order because I am blessed by you all!!)
~The antics of my parents.
~Jerry Seinfeld.

Movies that make me smile:
~Moulin Rouge
~The Lion King
~The Jungle Book
Things that make me feel GODs Blessings:
~My children.
~My marriage and the love that continues to grow! It surpasses anything I could ever have imagined.
~The sky.
~My life.

And that my friends is the five things.

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joni said...

i love your lists...

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