Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Snow after the Storm

Just thought I'd take some photos of the insane amount of snow we have. Our basement windows(last pic...side of the house) and doors were covered. The backyard is heaped with snow. I hope the photos do some justice at the amount.
Scott and Shay are feverishly working like madman to get the snow cleared out. I offered to help, but was very relieved when Scott said they could manage.
My little boy was sick all day and night, but is feeling better today. Thankfully, I hate seeing my kids sick. Just hoping the other two don't catch it!
Anyhow I am off to make some hot chocolate and lunch for my family. Hope you all are warm and cozy.


RoxRocks said...

I also have some snow shots to post. I spent half the day snowblowing and shovelling. Now Derwood is plowing the driveway with the quad. I'm so tired of winter Jenny, make it go away! (If only it were that easy!!)

Annie said...

That was crazy snow hey...I got to stay home yesterday and relax. I have a great neighbour who cleared my driveway for me.

See ya tomorrow!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

It WAS crazy snow!!! Some snow piles are WAY taller than me!

Sharijoy said...

For some reason I can't upload my pics but I took one of our driveway and back yard...I swear I'll have snow till AUGUST!!!! I'll see if Duggie can figure out what the prob is and upload later!! anytime your ready for our morning am I!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a crazy amount of snow! I hope it melts soon and spring shows it's face!
I hope you are keeping warm!

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