Thursday, February 07, 2008

Must See TV

Laura blogged about this site a few weeks back. If you haven't done so, you must head on over to Capessa and take a gander. Very inspirational stories.
This story was very motivating to me today.( think I just learned how to link or something??LOL)
I'm off....too much time watching video clips today...gotta get my work done!


joni said...

hey bud..
thanks for all the encouragement today and always .. you certainly give me enough.. sorry ..i whine and complain..sob sob oh woes to me...

and you still want to hang out


have i told you how much you rock lately?

you so do.

Nin said...

loved your last post. It was so interactive!
and oh my goodness, that bed full of fluffy duvets at the end looked sooooooooo comfy and cozy. That is definately my fave thing to do too.

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