Monday, January 07, 2008

Those that read my Blog will know...

"...Guess who's back, back again, Jenny's back, call a friend...guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back whoaoa...
I've created a monster, nobody wants to ready Jenny no more, they want Mamaliscious I'm chopped liver..."(I could go on and on, and on and on, but thought I'd spare you all!)
Okay...for those unfamiliar with Eminem that would be complete utter rubbish...and those familiar with Eminem, that would Still be complete and utter rubbish...(I've been humming this song all day!)
I'm back...Je Reviens...
It's been a much needed unintentional sabbatical, but a break nevertheless. I feel like I've just come back from a holiday...oh right I did, but I do feel very well rested...very rotund.
Life is sweet.
Care for an update?
As most would know that read my blog, my computer crashed on me a couple of months ago. Being a woman of patience I had no problem at all waiting for a new computer. Those that read my blog might also know that I am NOT a woman of patience and it did take some time getting used to being offline. That was until I discovered that you could access the computer on a cellphone. All fun was had by me until I received my lovely cell phone bill of $189!!!!! Then being a woman on a budget(and those that know me I am a woman who likes to follow a budget)I realized a sabbatical was just what the doctor ordered for me.(my hubby was wishing I would have had this realization a month earlier!!)
We had a wonderful Christmas celebration with our friends and family in the East Kootenays and in Jaffray. We ate, drank and were very merry(especially from the drink!LOL) The boys loved their time with their cousins.
I will upload photos tomorrow or the next day...(and there are a couple of my new choppers Nin!).
We all were spoiled. The boys got a big AT-AT(star wars walker thingamajingy), cavetrolls(LOTR), WII video games, DVD's(Harry Potter and the Pirates of the Caribbean), the Flying Dutchmen megablocks ship, star wars figurines, Pirates of the Caribbean figurines, MP3 Players, lego...and a few gift cards.
I got a new jacket, 4 bottles of perfume....(I'm a perfumaholic), 2 books, scarf, 2 toques, makeup, Pots and Pans, purse, sister ornament, a Canadian tire gift card, Christmas angel and a few odds 'n ends. (Oh yeah, some much loved tanning minutes...don't worry Rox...I only did 4 days of tanning and then the thought of my face looking a like a wrinkle pruned moccasin kind of hit home!LOL)
Scott got new bike pedals(shimano for those that care!LOL), 3 pairs of jeans, a knockoff version of underarmour long underwear, a tshirt, books, LOTR calendar, toque, a Misty River gift certificate, and a cologne and aftershave set.(plus numerous odds 'n ends)
But we weren't spoiling each other because our Christmas gift was a new computer.
Like usual the budget that I like to stick to was way over, was worth it!
The best present by far was spending time with our family and friends, as cheesy as that sounds. The memories the boys will have will last them a lifetime, as they will for us.
On Christmas Eve we went to Scott's brother's and wife's coffee shop that was closed down for the holidays. Scott's dad's side of the family have an annual get together. It was awesome. This year there was only one family that didn't make it. Everyone else was in attendance. We had a buffet styled dinner and then we were surprised by Santa that evening. He brought toys for all the great grandkids(which are majority of boys except 2!!) Gavin had a twinkle in his eyes when he saw Santa. I, being the sap that I am, shed a quick tear! Afterwards Granny(Scott's 86 year old Grandmother) had presents for all the Great Grandkids. At the end of the evening the kids were so geared up for Christmas morning it was awesome.
Like I said, we had some wonderful times. We also had a soiree that we went to on Boxing Day. We all dressed up to the nines and had appetizers and cocktails and visited, danced and ate. It was lots of fun.
But back to reality.
I opted out of making concrete resolutions this year. Of course, those that read my blog will know that the standard, lose __ pounds, is a standard resolution that seems to stick with me through the thick and thin. (Pun intended!) I'm not adding a number this year. Last year I lost 35 pounds(and gained 5 this month...)and instead of being happy was disappointed I didn't lose the amount I had resoluted to lose. It just sets me up for failure. So this year, I'll just keep on trekking.
The only other goal is to start and finish my Chem 11. I say start because I need to pick up my textbooks(like last week)and get going with my course. The only chem course the college offers is self paced...which is a struggle with me. But...those that read my blog knows that I try not to sweat the small stuff...until the last possible moment, and then I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. My long term goal is to have the courses down by next September. So far the time being I'm right on target.
I love this New Year already. I feel fall of optimism and am excited at what this year will bring for me and my family.
And those that read my blog, know that I am full of optimism!(for the most part anyways!)
Cheerio folks!


Gwen said...

Okay, this post made me laugh my head off. At the beginning I thought, "Oh, that Jenny, she's had too much wine tonight!" Then in the middle I thought, "No, I think she's just really happy." Then at the end, I was thinking again, "Okay, maybe there IS wine involved here."

Wine or not, you sound really great! Happy, and relaxed, and peaceful. It's wonderful.

Welcome back!

Jenny said...

No wine...sigh...Drunk with excitement for having a computer again! Isn't that sad? As much as having a break was good for me, it sure does feel good to know that I can now spend countless hours again roaming the net sniffing out new blog posts just like a drug dog sniffing out the dope.

Nin said...

yay! Of course I scrolled down to the bottom before reading the actual post looking know what.....but I'm glad you reassured me that they are in fact, coming! haha, that's funny.
Sounds like your holidays rocked, which rocks. It's so easy for holidays to fly by and take the wind out of our sails from all the comotion, but I'm glad you had a good time and relaxed with your family.
And yay for other people calling grandmothers "granny". Right on, 'grandma' is no fun, "granny" all the way.
GOOD JOB on the 35 pounds! And you only gained 5 over xmas??? I'd say that's a success! lol. I know what you mean about the resolutions, and everyone and their dog make resolutions about their weight and fitness, it's so been done, and done and done and done. I say, you're theory on just keeping on trekking, is that way to go. It's biblical, it's wise and realistic, and really makes it more of a lifestyle, than a goal to lose X amount of weight.
I was proud to be one of the ones who "read your blog", and know you're not patient and like budgets, and I'm glad you don't look like a moccasin, and most of all, I'm glad the pictures are coming.
Blessings :)

Mrs. Wilson said...

Great catch-up post! Sounds like you had a fantabulous Christmas, I'm so glad!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday and of course I am really glad to see you back online! Taking a break every once in a while is very refreshing though!
Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

Tanya said...

Can't wait to see that new smile!!

Welcome back!

Pen said...

Welcome back Jenny and Congrats on the new purchase!! Glad you're home and look forward to your blogs to come and to see the pictures of your Christmas adventures!

xoxo Pen

My life said...

This year better bring many more days of walking with you and Joni, and lots of coffee times!

Sharijoy said...

Quick hello and glad you are back!! Have to get ready to DRIVE to my course...I don't know how your hubby does it I'm hating it!!! We will have to try and do lunch in the next couple or next week if its better for you! so far I haven't killed any of my patients!! YEAH!!! laughed at the $189 bill guess I was right! We learned the hard way too but not to that extent! miss our morning chats. xox

Anita said...

Welcome back :) sounds like your holidays were great. I'm glad you have a computer again. Your posts make me laugh.
I'm against resolutions too. boooo on resolutions!

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