Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Meal Plan(Supposed to be Monday)

Better late than never right guys...

Here's what we are eating this week, in no particular order...

~Butter Chicken served over Basmati rice. Side salad of broccoli, cauliflower and bok choy.

~Butter Chicken wraps

~Tuna Casserole. Spinach Salad.

~Pita Tacos

~Chicken Quesadillas

~Breakfast Casserole for Supper.(eggs, bacon, cheese and hashbrowns)...not too low fat, but I think we will eat this on Sunday.(My supposedly free day!)

That's it folks.

What's on your menu??



Jenn said...

I need to start to plan my meals. Right now its whatever I feel like minutes before. It hard when Andy is on nights!

Mrs. Wilson said...

Mmmmm ... that butter chicken sounds great! It's so awesome that you came this morning! I don't know that I would have made the connection! I kind of forget sometimes that some bloggers that I read live HERE!

Hope to see you again next week!

Janelle said...

do you have a good reciepe for butter chicken? you should send it in to Amber's blog. i've always wanted to make it but never have.

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