Friday, November 09, 2007

This and That

I'm back...for today. My computer died again the other day. We brought it back to the computer guy and he was "baffled". It worked well for him.
We brought it home today, plugged it in and it works fine....
Weird...or maybe not. After I had it plugged in Scott was plugging in the cordless mouse and then told me I didn't have the monitor plugged in properly. So we are thinking I didn't have it plugged in correctly. We'll see in the next couple of days.
I am almost finished my Eulogy. Tonight I was making my rough draft and it was very emotional for me. Shan, I will post it before the weekend is done. My hubby just shakes his head at me that I would be doing it,but really I find it very inspirational. How would I be remembered?
Here are some randomness from this past week:
~lost 4 I've currently done to a 34 pound weight loss! Tonight I looked down at my shirt and it looked like perhaps I had sprouted a couple of extra nipples(okay tmi for apologies though) bra is getting a bit looser and is puckering!! Yay for puckers!!! I've worked out every day this week. I've managed to do 3 short walks around the block but it is challenging with our wet weather. I certainly hope this week I can do my long walks with my walking buddy!
~I am fighting an ear infection. I need to go to the doctor's. One thing I realize is as I get older the more I become like my parents and doctor's. They rarely go. They tough it out as long as they can. This is me. Need to go get some good meds from the doctor's.
~I was feeling a bit blue today...felt immediately better after purchasing my eye (wrinkle reducer) cream. You don't have to tell me, I know I'm odd!
~I had a mondo honkin migraine this past week. It was so bad. I had the twirling lights, loss of vision...wanna know how I got it? I was taking a picture of my teeth. The flash from the camera must have done a double reflection from the mirror into my eye and it caused some super instant headache. Seriously....The reason I was taking a picture of my teeth is I was checking to see if they looked braceless worthy. Being the semi-wannabe-perfectionist type I wanted to make sure that they are looking fine...but couldn't tell! Blinded myself trying to do so!
~I learned this week that I can access the internet from my cell phone. Pretty nifty. Umm...hope I didn't go over my plan's coverage though!(oopsie!)
~I have many of my Christmas presents bought. Tomorrow I am heading to K-town to visit my parents and to have my mom help me organize my baskets for my SILs.
~I am addicted to Project Runway reruns. Last night I almost talked myself into buying a sewing machine so I can make some hip groovy looking clothing....umm....yah...nope.
Anyhow...I'm off to enjoy a cup of tea.
Hope all is well!!


RoxRocks said...

You wrote your eulogy? OMG I want to read it! I've been wanting to write mine too before I get senile.

I switched from a cell plan to pay and talk. The three times I use my cell phone a month was costing me about a hundred bucks. OUCH! Now I'm going to try texting. LOL!

We have snow now so time to hit the shovel and the treadmill.

Pen said...

Glad to have you back Jenny and hope there are no other computer issues. I get my hair done this morning and then Shari has Boot Camp this afternoon but maybe in the middle there we can all meet up.

Miss you too.
xo Pen

Gwen said...

You know, you could just write the RIP meme in the present. It doesn't have to be a eulogy, really. If it's freaking Scott out, just amend it! Do it however you feel comfortable, it's just a self-awareness tool anyway. No problem mon!

annie said...

I have not bought ONE Christmas present. Not one! YIKES!
Oh well...
I love project runway too. New season starts this week!
Happy Saturday Jenny!

Chris said...

Computer guy? Hmm I didn't fix it :P silly girl!

I know these computer tech's bring it to them and they fix it right the first time! Hope all is well with the PC

Jenny said...

Chris, I have major guilt in knowing that I gave someone my money other than you!!!! You WILL be the first person we call next time...and I know there will be a next time(unfortunately!!!)

Out Spoke'N said...

That's so great that you got in all your workouts this week. It's great to know other people are out there too. I have to tell you that it's not easy fitting time in for yourself but great job on your success.


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