Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Layout

Hello everyone. Just working on my new template. Was so sick of purple that I could barely even look at it.
Will put up my links later on.
Hope all is well!


Janelle said...

it looks awesome!! :)
i love it!

Tanya said...

Looks good...I'm getting kind of tired of mine too!

Isn't it awesome about the kids free ski passes? I told Jay that he has to take her up there this year. He atleast grew up, well lets not talk about that! haha! I wouldn't mind going up there too someday...I think me and Rowyn would be in the same class! Lol!

Thats awesome that you all got passes for this year...something to pass the grey days away with!

Jenny said...

We actually bought our passes a few months ago,but paid for Shay's!! So I have to see if we can get a refund or a rebate towards next years passes.
I'll be very rusty going down the hill,but am looking forward to it! Jason should go up with Scott sometime.

Pen said...

Looks good Jenny..must be that time of year for changes as I just did the same thing and really like it.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I saw this one... its very nice!! Looking good!! Jen I think I'm turning into a bootcamp junkie!! I LOVE IT!! You'll have to come do a drop in one time!

RoxRocks said...

I'm LOVING it!

Doesn't it feel good to mix things up every once in awhile?

Connie said...

i love the butterflies. one time i was going for a bike ride through some woods praying, and a little flock of butterflies followed me for a long time and it was the coolest gift from God! so now i love them!! YUP!! :)

Tanya said...

I hope you can work something out with Shay's pass...maybe you could sell it to someone else if nothing else!

I think Jay will be a bit rusty going down too...Scott would probably leave him in the dust (powder)!!

Gwen said...

Great new look, doll.

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