Friday, October 26, 2007

Waiting to get Razzed by Chunks for this post....

Western Flaked Tuna....$7.99
2 Pork Roasts.......$14.69
Realizing I need to come up with more blogging material............
I thought I'd share a few grocery items that I saved money on at Save on More tonight:
WF Flaked tuna: caselot of 12 for $7.99 (Regular $12.99) It looks like either tuna melts or tuna casserole will be on our menu this week.(works out to 67 cents a can)
2 pork roast: $14.69 (Will probably do the bbq pork roast on a bun this week as well)
WF(Western Family)Broccoli and cheddar seasoned riced packages(they are quick and easy...Scott likes them and so do the boys).... $.99
WF Caselot of apple juices....(4 10 packs).... $9.98 (works out to 25 cents per juice box. The kids only have the juice boxes in their lunches so these shall last awhile!)
Avacadoes.... 4 for $2.00
Chocolate Chips 1 kg... $3.99 ( regular priced 5.99)
Bacon .... after redeeming points $2.99
Kraft Cheddar Cheese(big one)... $8.99(regular price $13.49...I have been buying the Soya loafs for the family but couldn't pass this deal.)
This next item is a huge treat(they don't get them often) for the boys...absolutely no nutritional value...okay bad mom...
Pizza pops...(Canadian) package of 4... regular price $ price...$ I bought 5.(works out to 36 cents a pizza pop)...
There is a scanner in SOM and I scanned my card and came up with a couple of savings:
Stoned Wheat Crackers... $1.99(big package)
Tide 5.6 liters $11.99 (Super Savings)
WF Large eggs... $1.89
The next flyers start on Sunday. Already scoping it out to see what I can plan for this next week's menu.

Okay...I'm such a geek!!
A cheap geek!


Jenny said...

I'll be the first to razz know you're in dire need of some blogging material, when you blog your grocery receipt!!

joni said...

jenny you did fabulous... i on the other feeling rather sheepish... also i am hoping my husband does not want to swap wives... sigh i did a list.. but i will read the flyers next shopping week. You have encouraged me beyond,.. agast i won't tell you how much i spent... pizza pops and all!

seea tomorrow

paleraven50 said...

hey jenny me being the newbie, got a kick out of your blog, who knew to blog your grocery receipt, it gives people in other states or wherever a look at how much we pay for things and how we have to really watch the fliers i enjoyed your blog and hey maybe i can get going and start my xmas shopping or do some xmas baking or something. I am not crafty my granddaughter has enough scrapbooking stuff to open her own little store. one year tash did a scrapbooking party for torey and the girls had fun. anyways i will talk to you later i am thinking i could have put all this on my own little blog.

Gwen said...

Oh, you are too funny.

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