Friday, October 26, 2007

Dream a little Dream...

My hubby is on night shifts.
I probably shouldn't be divulging this information online...(you never know who in your town is reading. I should go and lock all the doors right now...not saying that they aren't locked....okay...I keep digging myself a hole....)
Let me rephrase that...suppose my husband was on night shift.
Then I'd feel lonely. I'd probably have a hard time falling asleep. I imagine that I'd spend a lot of time trying to keep myself occupied. I also imagine that falling asleep might be a problem. I don't like sleeping alone.
Not saying I'm alone...but if I were, it would be a problem.
On to another subject:
This past week I have been in full fledged hibernation mode. Look out world Mama is stockpiling her food. I swear every year that bears are out foraging in our neighbourhoods and garbage dumps, I'm foraging in my kitchen. Mmm...chocolate sounds good...crackers...
Our weather has been horrible(windstorms, crazy amounts of rain)so I have used this as an excuse to not do anything. For whatever reason I have let the weather stop me from working out...even in my house. Yep.
Here's a typical conversation I have with myself in the morning.
Good me: "It's raining outside. Not going to walk. Guess I could go on the Elliptical."
Bad me: "The Elliptical? Why don't you just sit and take it easy for awhile. Maybe the rain will stop!"

Reality always sets in on this scenario. The outcome? I end up sitting on my fat butt and "take it easy" for the whole day.
This has happened all week.
Tomorrow I am either walking, or riding the elliptical. No ifs, ands, or buts,...(well there is a butt, and it's a lazy big one, that will be getting bigger if I don't get a hold of this situation!!!)
Well, I'll let you know how it goes.
This past week I have had some crazy dreams. I had 2 scary bear dreams. I think I know where they are stemming from. I also had my other once in a blue moon(or should I say "sky") dream.
Scott leaves me for Skye Quartermaine. This dream had me so angry at him all day. He slept all day and I was stewing and just peeved at him, to the full max. Want the dirt? Here's a quick synopsis of my dream.
Scott leaves me for Skye Quartermaine. (a character on GH. I'm not sure why it's always Skye, but it is.) I'm living in a big huge house. Some rooms are really large,but others are so small. (I have no idea why, but I woke up thinking about how odd the rooms were and then remembered that Scott left me for Skye Quartermaine.)
Scott and Skye end up having 2 girls together. He is ignoring my boys and I decide to talk to him about it. Shay is in university and I'm trying to tell him to step up to the plate when his daughter comes into the room and calls me "Auntie"...and then walks out.
I then am thinking "what's with that?" and then I wake up.
Back to reality. Poor guy. He woke up and I was not in the best mood. I went over to him and said"I had a bad dream last night."
"Well I can tell by the look on your face you dreamed I left you for Sunshine."he answered.
"It's SKYE!" I said in pure contempt.
We then both started to laugh at the absurdity of it all.
Dreams can wreak havoc that's for sure!
I did some Christmas shopping today. Got my sister in law done. Yay! Now both of them are finished. I can't say what I got them. You never know who may be reading this.
I have some scrapbooking to do this weekend. I am looking forward to doing this. It's been a long time since I scrapbooked and I am so far behind. Need to get crafty and creative again. There are so many talented and creative people here in the Land of Blog, that I am starting to feel the urge to create.
Anyhow not much of a post.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Joy said...

" dreamed I left you for Sunshine."

This cracked me up this morning!

I always have such vivid dreams too and whenever I have one where my husband is chasing another woman (which always happens right in front of me) I wake up LIVID! Seething!

Chunks said...

Same same same with me!!! I dream in technicolor too and have woken up more than once CONVINCED some awful stuff has happened.

I should give you my number and we can call each other when our hubbies are on nights! I could coach you in HOW TO LOVE NIGHTSHIFTS because I do!

Janelle said...

ok - that's hilarious that it's always SKYE! she's such a bag! haha...
and i think the thing i hate MOST when Rod's on nites is that i eat double what i normally do, because i'm bored, and because i don't have any accountability. i blame 15 of my lbs on nite shifts.

Tanya said...

Hey Aunty Jenny! (sorry, I couldn't resist!!)

This week has been nutts hasn't it? The rain, the wind, the bears...I too haven't left my humble abode much either. But there is no better time than right now (or sometime today) to get back into the swing of things!!

Hope you have a great weekend!!

paleraven50 said...

hi jenny ok first when mike works night shifts i stay up way to late so when i go to bed i don't hear any noises and i let my 7 pound dog sleep with me to make me feel better. second, i beat you i have been in hibernation mode long ago, my cupboards are always stocked, fridge is bare but cupboards stocked. what is with that there is just two of us?? and it is only rain wait till the snow comes yikes.

joni said...

we are so walking today.

dreams...esh. do i have a story for you...


Jenny said...

Yeah a late start hey Joni!!LOL
See you in a couple of hours!!

A Friend from Gwen's blog said...

Dreams.. this morning was horrible, I dreamed my husband died. Woke up crying, then relived my uncles death in my dreams, woke up crying again. Ended up crying at work. Still waiting for this day to be over.

Gwen said...

You should just let your three 150lb pitbulls roam the house when Scott's on nights. ;)

V. sad dream, and weirdly detailed actually. But, you know, you could have dreamed that he left you for PeeWee Herman, or Michael Jackson. It could be worse.

Jenny said...

This is the only dream that is so detailed. Well, my bear dreams are sometime detailed.
To "a friend from Gwen's Blog"...I sure hope your day gets better!

Jenny said...

Chunks, that sounds like a plan!!

Sharijoy said...

It is odd how we can let a dream take over our reality!! LONG LONG AGO...when I was with Jon..I had some dream that just mad me soooooooooo mad I woke up mad thought it to be real and broke up with him that morning!! HARSH!! All worked out in the end!!lol....Skyes got nothing on you BABY!!

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