Sunday, September 30, 2007

Menu Plan

A quick post as I am knee deep into sorting socks. Oh the joys of a domestic diva! Where the f$#k do the mates to the socks go?? Running I guess. Certainly a high divorce rate for socks in my house. It was so bad last week, I went and bought another package of socks. Couldn't bear to sit and sort...Shay actually asked me if I could find him some for school tomorrow.
All is well with me. I had a mellow week this week as far as working out goes. I wasn't feeling great...a little run down,so I've taken it easy. This week I'm back at it hard. Looking forward to tomorrow morning with my gal ...ready to kick some butt on the bridges.(I'm praying it doesn't rain though...don't like walking in the rain....)
Here's the Meal Plan for the week:
Monday: Rock Cod and Basmati rice, and vegetable medley. Tomato and Cucumber salad.
Tuesday: Crock Pot Roast beef with onions, potatoes and carrots. Green Salad.
Wednesday: Chicken Ceasar Salad
Thursday: Fajitas
Friday: Stew and Whole Wheat Buns.
We're in Kitimat for the weekend...Yay for Turkey!!! Gobble gobble!
*** Last week I made chili instead of Stew so am doing the Stew this week.(in case anyone is wondering why my menu looks the same as last week!)
Here's a couple of Gav stories.
He was sitting on the "throne" and he noticed something I had thrown out in the garbage can.
"Mommy what's that in the garbage can?"he asked.
"That's my underwear."I stated.
"Your unwear...hmm...I guess you had to throw them out cuz your bum got too big for them!"he stated.
Then I replied in a snarky tone, "My butt fits in them fine...they grew a hole in them!"
Last night after coming back from an evening with friends Gav and I (the other boys were on a campout to Kleanza Creek)were winding down before bed. I was quickly checking my emails and he was having a glass of milk and a piece of the yummaliscious square that I bought at M&M's.
He came into the computer room and said, "Mommy why doesn't Gramma 'Sicky have a husband?"
"Her husband died many years ago Gav....he's up in heaven." I replied.
"How'd he die?"he asked.
"His brain had an owie."I explained(an aneurism)
"Oh...I bet Gram 'Sicky can't wait to go and see him again in heaven!"He smiled.
I started to cry.
It just was an odd moment that out of the blue he would be thinking about this. Today I phoned Scott's mom and told her of the conversation the night before and she told me that today was the 35th anniversary of his death. She was touched by this conversation.
When I told Scott he was moved.
God moves in mysterious ways!
Anyhow I'm off to pack lunches. My schedule for tonight is all wonky because of the friggen socks!!!
Have a great Monday!


Gwen said...

This post made me cry, and not because your bum's too big! I can't imagine being alone, without my spouse for 35 years. The whole idea of it just makes me feel empty.

Now I'm going to go snuggle with my husband, and probably cry all over him about "what will I do if you die?" in a very annoying, clinging way. G'night!

Sharijoy said...

That touched me too..... what timing all is as it should be!! xox

ps sooooooo far in the sock divorcing department we're good I very rarely have any strays!! Oh and i thought the garbage in the bathroom story was gonna be about something else!! that to will come!! lol

paleraven50 said...

great post, kids have a sense you know that hey, gavins guardian angel must be his granpa right, he was talking to him. letting him know that he was thinking of his wife on his 35th anniversary, and he did it thru gavin, well thats what i think anyways. the panty story was priceless. i like shari thought it was going to be the "other" in the garbage. ttyl sue

Amy Slezak said...

wow, jen, that was sooo moving. He is quite the little guy, I have been reading some of the stories and usually end up in tears cuz of him. Love all of the to pieces. Can't wait to see all of you again.



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