Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

All is very well with me. I've made some decisions a couple of weeks ago regarding my career aspirations. I will be taking the BSCN in Nursing program that is now offered in Te*rrace. It's a 4 year program. I need to finish my Bio 12 and do my Chem 11. I feel very excited about this new venture I will be embarking on. I am up for the challenge...and I'm sure it will be a challenge for everyone!! So I will become a Nurse at the age of 41!!! Hilarious...I'll be almost hitting the geriatrics ward myself! Oh life to the fullest is my motto!
Today we went to Pine Lake for the afternoon. It was nice to hang out and enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. Scott and I were fishing and my hubby caught a big one....ME!!! He caught his fly hook on my head. The worst part of it was I didn't realize I was hooked until he went to cast...can you say Mother F#$CKer....Holy stung!! Gavin thought it was pretty funny.
I'm just lazing around tonight. Scott and I went on a cleaning spree the other day. I guess that's how us old folks call having a good time together! So my house is clean and tidy...for today!!
Scott has been rewatching the LOTR movies. It's driving me slightly nuts!! He's such a cute nerd though!!
Tomorrow is Monday...I don't like Mondays..."tell me why..."(gotta love that song!!) Looks like it will be another busy one. Time is quickly passing by! My 2 bigger boys are in Cubs now and this weekend are having their first campout at Kleanza. I'm having a slight panic attack! They'll be alone with people that I don't know....Maybe I can sneak on over and hide out in the van overnight!!
Anyhow I better be going...have lunches to pack and a hot bubble bath is calling my name! I have to claim our bedroom tv before Scott decides to bring the movie upstairs!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Here's my menu plan for the week:

Monday: Coho steaks, served with Rice Pilaf, and green salad.
Tuesday: Meatloaf, vegetable medley(zucchini, peppers, and asparagus)and roasted potatoes.
Wednesday: Halibut and fries(I'm going to have sweet potatoe instead).
Thursday: Chicken Stir Fry
Friday: Tacos
Saturday: Bacon and Eggs(Scott's on nights)
Sunday: Stew and buns



Pen said...

Hey Jenny,
Great blog and absolutely yummy meal plan. I'm going to borrow some of those for next week. It's nice to get fresh ideas and break up the routine a bit.

xo Pen

Sharijoy said...

I still gotta do my plan ..Doug and I worked out in the yard all afternoon and then had a hotub and a to you in the a.m.... you ok??? HOOK OUCH!!!

Gwen said...

Good on you for just deciding to DO IT! You're more than capable of doing well in the program, and I know you'll be a fantastic nurse. Go for it girl!

Janelle said...

that's awesome! i'm considering going back to school too, and i'm in a complete panic about it!!! :)
but good for you!!!

paleraven50 said...

ok jenny listen here no biggy you will say to yourself, this wasn't as bad as i thought. i'm an ssa and i had to go to school for 2 years to get certified for the job i was doing. you talk about panic, I was 50 years old with a 50 year old brain eeekkk. i was almost vomiting by the time my first class rolled around but hey i persevered and yes i too could do it after 2 years of back and forth between college in terrace and kitimat and summer school for 2 julys. we all graduated at the terrace theatre, cap and gown and everything i was so proud i tell you what. so jenny you are that much younger than me so guess what girl, you will do it no problem and a few of the college teachers said they preferred adult students more as we put more pressure on ourselves to do better haha. My lowest mark i think was a bplus so not bad for an old boot hey. good luck

Joy said...

Ummm, OWWWWWW! I can't even imagine how much that must have hurt!

Congrats on the nursing decision! You'll be making the big bucks!

Carebear and Firestarter said...

you brave woman! I've heard how hard nursing school is, but I know you can do it, you are a very setermined YOUNG woman! LOL to hitting the geriatrics ward!
LOTR is awesome, I think it's about time I rewatch them again too

Congrats again on your new path!

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