Sunday, July 08, 2007


Don't you just love the sounds of the children gone to bed? You know...the hum of the computer, the buzz of the fridge, the beeps of the cell phone that needs to be recharged, the sound of the dryer warming up the clothes.
I can't even imagine what the sounds of actual solitude is...even when I'm on my deck(which is where I am going to go and enjoy a cup of chai)I still hear the sounds of electricity and modern day life.
I still find these sounds peaceful. I know when I go camping I am always a little on edge. Sometimes it's too quiet. (or it could be possibly my fear of my dreams coming true about being eaten by a bear...just had another one last night!!YIKES)
I think I don't mind the buzziness.(just created a new word...yay for me!)
Had to share this thought of the day.
I'm off to enjoy the hums of my world out on the deck, surrounded by a couple of lit lanterns and a cup of chai tea.(I was looking for some wine[like a true wino foraging through my house, with a drool and a slight wimper!]but apparently Scott and I must have gotten at those...)
I'm missing all of my friends these past couple of days. Hope they are all missing me as well!
So off I venture to my outside deck. I have to spray some bug repellant all over myself because I had quite the reaction to a black fly bite.
Anyone know of a safe and non chemical repellant for mosquitoes and black flies? Ms Bletherer?
Have a great night!


Gwen said...

Sorry, just got to check blogs tonight! I just use good old fashioned Citronella oil - a few drops in a tealight. A couple of those puppies around the deck and it's all good.

I bought some natural citrus-oil based bug spray in Save-On a while ago, it works well but be careful not to use too much! The oils are pretty strong on the skin. (Not as bad as evil deet, of course.) Avon's Skin So Soft is always a winner too.

Chunks said...

The bug spray thing is a bone of contention with me. DEET is the only thing that really works but I hate putting it on! I looked up Skin So Soft on Avon and it is 20 bucks for a bottle. Remember when you could get it for 4.99?! Opportunists!

The silence where I am is deafening sometimes, but I love it. The birds in the trees relax me. And at 9:30 AM, the only sounds I am hearing are the tweet tweets and the dog snoring.

Joy said...

The sounds of children gone to bed - my fav time of the day!! lol

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