Tuesday, July 10, 2007


~I woke up in the middle of the night wondering who had climbed into bed with me(Scott's on nights) and realized that I was sleeping with my own Treebeard...it took me by surprise.
~I am doing well with my walk/run program. The running, or should I say slow jog, is becoming way easier to do. Tonight I am doing my upper body workout...ugh...oh well all in the name of fitness! Missing my workout buddy like mad!! Shout out to JONI!!!
~Today I was admiring my well rounded, plump body in the mirror and said to my DH, "hun can you tell I'm losing weight. I notice a difference...do you?
Scott replied, "(shrugged his shoulders) I guess!"
I stammered..."YOU GUESS?!!"
Then he clued in to the correct response, "I think you ALWAYS look amazing so it's hard for me to notice any changes!"
Okay...total cheesey comeback, but hey...I'll take it! Brownie points for him for thinking quick on his feet!
~Scott works this Thursday night which means 7 nights...in a row! I hate night shifts. Oh well, he's off for another week. His brother and family are coming up for a few days. We are very excited to have them here so we can take them fishing and show them the sites.
~Our other chair just came in!!! Yee Haw! I could pretend that nice objects don't matter to me...but why? It's a beauty...actually they both are!
~I have been paying special attention to our hostases in the front yard.
Here's another conversation I had with Scott.
"Hun did you notice the hostases in front?"I asked.
"No...why?"he answered.
"One of them is growing like a weed!"I answered.
"Yeah I was going to tell you...it is a weed!"he laughed.
So you can just say that my green thumb is rather a black thumb. I'd LOVE to share some pics of the garden,but honestly, I don't know which is actually plants and which are actually weeds. This weekend I'm cleaning it all up.
~While weeding the rock garden last night I smelled a rather unpleasant shitty smell.
"Gross...smells like something took a crap around here!"I said to myself.
I looked down and sure enough a dog crapped in my yard and I was standing in it. I was so mad, I stepped out of the crap, grabbed my shoe(said a couple of choice words) and chucked it across the yard. That didn't make too much sense as I had to go traipsing through the grass to go and retrieve it,but it did relieve my anger at the moment!!
~Friday night I spent the evening cleaning out the fridge and putting a finish on the lino. I haven't liked the fact that the lino in the kitchen is dull and has no shine(okay laughing that this is such a topic for me....geek!!!)but my Uncle showed us a product that restores the shine back to old linoleum. The product is the "cat's ass" and worked like a hot damn. I'm telling you I have a shiny linoleum floor and that made my evening.
The funny part is that on Saturday I was telling Scott how happy the floor made me feel and we were chuckling that I have so much fun on a Friday night and he said, "I'm suited for you babe. When I opened up the fridge this morning and it was spotless...I was the happiest guy ever!"
Two peas in a pod!!!
~I am sad to report that another wrinkle has erupted off of my eye...bosha moya!(oh boy!) Yes, it made me sad,but such is life. I notice as my face is getting a little more thinner(it's still fat,but I can tell it's a little thinner) my wrinkles are coming out more. It could also be the fact that I'm just about thirtyfriggensix years old!!! When did this happen??
So the fat must hide the wrinkles??
I probably have more to share, but I need to finish cleaning the bathroom floors and then do my workout.
It looks like it will be another "chai on the deck"worthy evening.
Life is good!
Have a great night!


Gwen said...

Okay, you guys are a scream. "I saw the clean fridge and it made me the happiest guy in the world." ??? Jeez. My own dear husband: "After getting sexual favours, I saw the chocolate cake in the fridge, next to the beer, and it made me the happiest guy in the world." Or something similar.

:D Have a great day!

Jenny said...

That was of course after he got the sexual favours and was opening the fridge for his beer!

Chunks said...

Where do you get the Cat's Ass stuff?! My lino is so dull, it keeps me up at night thinking how I will restore some life into it before we get around to tiling. I'm a pea too, I guess. I also hate night shift. And finding someone else's dog poo in my yard. I also have a black thumb. And developing new wrinkles. It's like we are living the same life Jen! LOL!

Jenny said...

Roxanne, the stuff I bought is called "Future" and you can buy it at any grocery store...possibly Walmart. It was only $8.00 but it did make it shine!

Chunks said...

LOL Future Floor Wax?! Jesus, Jenny, I thought you'd really found a product called Cat's Ass! LMAO!

Jenny said...

I bet the Cat's Ass might make a floor shiny...
Someone should invent a product called "The Cat's Ass"...I'd buy it...it would be damn good.

Jenny said...

The only products I found googling
"The Cat's Ass" was a tie and a fridge magnet. Both with the same pictures on it(the cat's ass)...not for the faint of heart. I do not recommend and I'll repeat this again, I do not recommend looking at this nasty picture.

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