Saturday, July 28, 2007


I made blueberry yogurt scones today for the first time and they turned out delish. The first batch were slightly browned,but I forgot my oven heats hotter than most. They tasted superb. Off to pick some more cherries(making pie and tarts again) and than hang out with our friends.
Have a great day.
(I'll post the recipe later if anyone is was super easy).


Devo said...

Oh I am definitely interested in that recipe. You are so domestic, it's way too hot here for any baking to be going on, but maybe I can make them on the next cool day.

Sharijoy said...

Jen you are soooo DOMESTIC DIVA!!! I think Dug would die if I did stuff like that....and they turned out!!! I try but nothing ever turns out!!! mind you I don't try that often. It was great seeing you guys yesturday....wish the weather would of been better!!!

paleraven50 said...

hi jen, i would love the recipie, yum they look so yummy. i have to find out where you live and come one night with my flashlight and take some cherries haha. i just made a blueberrie cake the one on the front cover of canadian living, made it with sugar twin so see how it is. we went to a bbq in the weather yesterday, that was something hey. sue

Gwen said...

You baking maven, you. I'm so jealous.

Carebear and Firestarter said...

your cooking is amazing. i wish i had the energy you have to do all these fancy things!

Pen said...

Jenny you have to post the recipe...they look divine!

It was nice seeing you yesterday and your boys are such dolls! They are so sweet and their Mama!

We have do get together more often, we only live such a short distance but sometimes it's like planning a mini holiday, lol. I'm sure we'll be in next weekend though or the Monday for sure.

xo pen

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